Don BarringtonHOODIE BAN

A move to ban hoodies and other clothing that cover heads and faces is gaining interest around the country. In Oklahoma, Republican State Sen. Don Barrigton is introducing a bill that makes it a crime to wear such clothing, even in public.  Opponents contend the proposals target minority and urban youths, but business owners say it a safety measure. Keep watch and expect similar proposals in Florida.

Palm Beach County


West Palm Beach Police are investigating a rare shooting incident that took place at the swanky downtown CityPlace. An 18-year-old man was struck several times and taken to a local hospital. He is expected to survive, but the incident has put shoppers and other patrons of the high-end retail shops, eateries and nightspots on edge.


Mayor Jeri Muoio and other city officials in West Palm Beach has authorized the blocking off of Clematis Street to bring what may be the world’s largest water slide to the downtown area for one day. It will take place on Valentine’s Day. The slide is more than two stories high and more than three football fields long.



A “Peace Awareness” event was held at Wells Park in Riviera Beach. The Live In Peace (LIP) organization hosted the event to promote peace and cooperation in the city. Riviera is a bastion of violence and the day at the park with free food, refreshments and entertainment was intended to bring unity to the municipality.

Broward County

 Andrea AllenMAN KILLED

Andrea Allen, 27, of Dania Beach, is charged in the murder of an acquaintance. She is accused of shooting 53-year-old Tommie King outside his residence during an argument. King was pronounced dead at the scene. It was the first Broward County homicide of the year.



This year’s strain of influenza virus is deadly and it has now reached epidemic status according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While it’s spreading around South Florida, Broward County has been hit particularly hard. Officials are urging people, particularly children and seniors, to get a flu vaccine shot and to take other precautions.

Arturo AzaldeguiCOLD BUSTED!

Arturo Azaldegui, 38, of Coral Springs, is charged with having sex with a 16-year-old co-worker.  He is also accused of exchanging nude photos with the girl via a cellphone. Detectives recorded arranged phone conversations where Azaldegui acknowledged the activities with the child.

 Miami-Dade County


David Beckham’s plan to bring a professional soccer team to South Florida has stalled. There have been meetings and proposals, but there is no team, stadium or deal yet. The Miami Hurricanes are in need of a stadium and the possibility of joint venture remains an option, but if any deal involves public funds, voters would likely squash it.



Jesse VenturaHE’S RUNNING

Jeb Bush has joined former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee in announcing he is exploring a run the presidency. Huckabee has resigned from Fox News where he hosted a television show. Bush has resigned from numerous organizations to explore his options. What it means is that Bush is running and he is leading in the early polls among likely GOP voters. Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura is also exploring a run, possibly as an independent or Reform Party candidate.

Monroe County


Green sea turtles have been dying in the Keys and no one seems to know why or what is the cause. Scientists are awaiting test results to determine what is happening. The Florida Keys has seen a number of illnesses afflict sea animals in recent years. This latest outbreak is a mystery that could have an impact on the area’s economy.



Ibis Bay Waterfront Resort employee Francisco Leon Marquez, 39, is accused of fatally stabbing a co-worker to death in 2012. He is scheduled to go to trial in March and is expected to claim self-defense under the state’s Stand Your Ground statute. Marquez went to a bar to give Geovani Perez a ride home, but when he got there Perez, 29, refused the ride and the two argued. Perez then attacked him and Marquez pulled a knife to protect himself, according to statements Marquez gave police.  Perez died in the parking of the bar.