Staff Report

WEST PALM BEACH – The application window for the more than 300 Choice and Career Academy programs in Palm Beach County School District opened Tuesday, November 1.

Choice and Career programs include S.T.E.M. and S.T.E.A.M., biomedical sciences, dance and theater, dual language, International Baccalaureate, finance, IT, cyber security, J.R.O.T.C., culinary arts, construction and many more.

“These programs give students an opportunity to focus on what they are interested in,” said Superintendent Dr. Robert Avossa. “We know they do better in school if it’s something they are passionate about.”

Parents are encouraged to apply online as it is the most efficient way to submit and manage the application. It will also give parents priority access to lottery results when they are released in the spring.

To learn more about the Choice and Career programs and to apply online parents can visit .

The deadlines to apply differ depending on the programs selected as some require auditions. December 2, 2016 is the application deadline if either of the two program choices by the student is one of the following Arts schools:

• Bak Middle School of the Arts (all programs)

• The Conservatory School @ North Palm Beach-Symphony Orchestra program (grades 6-8)

• Boynton Beach High School Arts programs (Dance, Digital Media, Music-Band, Music- Vocal, Theatre, and Visual Arts)

• A.W. Dreyfoos Jr. School of the Arts (all programs) January 27, 2017 is the application deadline for all Choice and Career programs other than the arts programs listed above.

Late applications will be accepted after January 27, 2017; however, they will not be included in the March 2017 Choice lottery and will be entered after all applicants in the wait pool have been assigned.