It’s 2016 and once again so-called Negro leaders are rushing to endorse non-black candidates for President of the United States and for other federal, state and local offices!

How dumb can they be?

Everybody has a right to endorse, support, contribute to and campaign for the political candidates of their choice but can’t black people wait until they find candidates that support black people?

The political perpetrators that you love know you are going to put them first and they also know they are going to put you last!

Hispanics won’t rush to endorse until they find the candidates that will support Hispanic issues like immigration reform. Gays won’t rush to endorse until they find candidates that support gay rights and same sex marriage legislation. Farmers won’t endorse candidates until they hear politicians address agriculture concerns. Builders won’t endorse politicians before they hear what candidates have to say about construction regulation issues. Women won’t pick and choose candidates to endorse until women’s rights issues have been debated and decided.

But the modern day Uncle Toms, Sambos and Jemimas want to be the very first to bow down to political candidates seeking election so they can get what the individual Negroes want, a job!

Yes, they lead you but they have to jockey, beg and plead for a government job or a government title.

No, those sell outs can’t create their own jobs, they can’t start businesses and they can’t create employment opportunities for the masses of African Americans. All they can do is get on their knees and hope and pray whoever they endorse will give them a paltry job.

When they endorse a candidate they never give you a solid reason why you should adhere to their endorsement suggestions.

It’s too early for candidates to reveal political platforms and candidates don’t have specific proposals yet about exact political proposals.

All candidates have nine or ten months before an election are false election promises!

All candidates claim to love Martin Luther King Jr. All candidates support Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HCBUs) and all candidates clap when they are paraded down the aisles of black churches across America!

Smart black people know that American politics are all about the money. People donate large amounts of money to political parties and political candidates that they can control!

The best candidates, the candidates that will do the right things and vote the right way never even enter political contests because big business, big bankers, big labor groups and others will not donate a dime to candidates that will forsake the powerful and vote for the people’s best interests!

Too many times this year black Jezebels and black Chicken Georges will try to convince you that the 2016 elections are the most important elections ever but don’t fall for the okey doke!

Every election is important. Every election is crucial and in every election, it seems, black voters have to choose between the lesser of two evils!

Let me tell you an easy way to decide what candidates or worthy of your votes and support. If the candidates won’t hire black people during the campaign before an election, he won’t hire blacks if he wins the election. If they believe that black political professionals, black media outlets, black printers, black caterers, black pollsters, black internet marketers and others are inferior before the election, they will feel blacks are inferior after the election!

The only difference sometimes between Democrats and Republicans is their names. From some vantage points white Democrats and white Republicans love each other more than they love black voters and black citizens!

The Gantt Report encourages you to vote for the candidates of your choice but vote like you got some sense! Vote for candidates that will vote the way you want them to!

Every election year in the black community it is the S.O.S., the same old sheet!

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