FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Businessman Ronald LaPorte, CEO and founder of Aries Vision LLC, has announced the launch of Aries Vision television, a Broward-based free TV station targeted towards the Haitian diaspora and the larger South Florida Caribbean community and broadcasting 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Broadcasting from Sunrise, Aries Vision offers a diversity of programming including movies, music, entertainment, news, religious and children’s programs, as well as local community and political talk shows. Programs are in English, French, and Creole. A longtime community organizer and entrepreneur with a media background, LaPorte said the current social and political climate convinced him now was the moment to launch.

“We are at a critical time in America’s history where Black and Brown communities need TV stations that are owned and operated by us, and that reflect the truth of our experiences,” said LaPorte.

“I created Aries Vision as a platform for the Haitian, Black and immigrant communities to tell our stories,” he added. “I want to show the beauty, strength and diversity of our culture.”

LaPorte said the Black Lives Matter movement and COVID-19’s impact on Black and Brown people increased the sense of urgency around ownership.


Of the major black-centric networks such as BET, OWN and Bounce, only TV One is solely Black-owned. This makes ownership a priority, LaPorte said.

Aries Vision TV joins local competitors Island TV and Ayiti TV. LaPorte said he envisions the station as a go-to media platform for the community.

“If you have information or a program that you want to reach the Haitian community and others in the South Florida market, this is the place to be,” he added. Those interested in creating or airing a show on the channel can contact LaPorte at or 954-990-8056.

Time slots are sold in half-hour increments, but multiple slots can be purchased. Aries also offers production and post-production services including video shoots, editing and live streaming. Rates are competitively priced.

To watch the channel, viewers who have Roku can download the Aries Vision app. To watch via phone or computer, visit

Both livestream programs and videos on demand are available. Because the channel is internet based, it can be watched globally.


“When Ted Turner started CNN, everybody thought he was crazy,” said LaPorte. “An all-day news channel? No way! Now there is CNN, MSNBC and FOX.

“I look at Turner and I am inspired. Our goal is to become the home for Haitian news and entertainment in South Florida and beyond. With vision anything is possible.”

Laporte has received backing from Haitian community leaders Guithele Ruiz-Nicolas, former president of the Fort Lauderdale Haitian Democratic Club, and Dr. Flore Lindor-Latortue, host of “Radio TV with Dr. Flore,” among other programs.

“This is an important step for the Haitian people,” said Ruiz-Nicolas. “It gives us access to a trusted platform to tell our stories. I commend Mr. LaPorte.”

The station’s lineup currently includes popular Haitian cultural programs such as “Fenet Kiltirel,” “Papa Pierre,” “Languichate,” “O’theatre,” “Governor de la Rose,” and “Blocus,” among others.