Staff Report


MIAMI, Fla – Visual images are powerful conveyors of important messages. To help convey the vision for its Black Male Initiative (Black MI), Miami Dade College has launched a contest for the creation of the visual design for the college-wide program. The entry deadline is July 29.

MDC’s Black Male Initiative was created to foster academic achievement, personal, and professional development, as well as provide holistic support for current and future black male students who wish to obtain an education at MDC. The goals are:

  • Foster Community
  • Champion Academic Success
  • Inspire and Cultivate Committed


  • Promote Development Through Mentoring

The winning visual designer will receive an iPad and will work with a professional graphic artist to ensure that the final design embodies the signs of excellence and change-making that Black MI aims to achieve. A virtual design is a graphic communication by a skillful combination of text and pictures to represent a brand and/or identity.

The winner of the visual design contest will be officially announced on Sept. 23.

For more information, contact Dr. Kathy Maalouf, Vice Provost of Student Affairs, 305-237-7440 or