Staff Report

When they go to the polls next week, Palm Beach County voters will determine via a countywide referendum whether to enact a one-cent sales tax to pay for improvements to public infrastructure, parks, and public safety. If voters approve, the City of West Palm Beach is one of 38 municipalities that will receive funds to support public improvements. The City Commission has approved the list of projects that will be made possible with the potential sales tax.

The list was created through a review of road conditions and key city projects that had been deferred in recent years, and a series of public meetings regarding park improvements. A map of all the projects that would affect West Palm Beach (including Palm Beach County and the Palm Beach County School District) is available at County and municipal agencies are required to adopt a project list to be funded from sales tax proceeds, and projects will be overseen by a Citizens Oversight Board.

Fred Scheibl, co-founder of the Palm Beach County Taxpayer Action Board said instead of asking voters to approve an increase in the sales tax, the county should have borrowed money and only funded the most important projects.

“These are not critical infrastructure projects that have to be done now,” said Scheibl. “It’s basically a wish list.”