(Black PR Wire) – Entrepreneurs are the historical Change Makers of the African American community. We are the leaders, developers, strategists, money makers, thinkers and thought leaders. We solve problems and introduce much needed goods and services into our communities.

African Americans make up to 70% of all COVID-19 related deaths. We must step up and do something for ourselves. Let’s unite to help save our community from this pandemic, Wendy Muhammad says.

Business developer Wendy Muhammad is challenging all Conscious Entrepreneurs to step up and take charge of their communities.

"I am asking all Conscious Entrepreneurs to identify a problem in their community and work to fix it,” Muhammad said.

“Let’s perform wellness checks on the people in our community who are most vulnerable. Let’s support a fellow entrepreneur by patronizing them, spreading the word about their services. We can form alliances. Let’s take charge and save our community from this pandemic. There is no problem that we can’t solve if we put our minds together. We can change the narrative. Doing for self needs to go viral." To accept the MOETODAY Conscious Entrepreneur Challenge, post a photo or a video along with a short explanation of how you are helping a fellow entrepreneur or members of your community during this tragic pandemic.

Tag on Instagram @MOEToday or on Facebook @MindoftheEntrepreneur. Be sure to say, "I accept the Conscious Entrepreneur Challenge" in your post. Use the hashtags #ConsciousEntrepreneurChallenge and #MindofanEntrepreneur

Together we can pool our resources, form alliances and address all the needs in our community, she says, and love is the super power that will get us there.