It’s 2014, an election year, and this fall, like in every election year, many black people will be running – for their lives! The Democratic Party that you love, the Democratic Party that is led by the president that you love, is the one which black people blindly vote for year after year, regardless of how conservative, how hostile, how insensitive, how negligent and how disrespectful some of the Democratic candidates are to their most loyal base of voters.

This is the time when Democrats will be quick to tell you how biased and bigoted Republicans are. Election years are the times when Democrats will say how Republicans back bad laws like “stand your ground.”
And this is that time of the political season when Democrats will tell you how Republicans hate black colleges, want to take programs like engineering schools from black universities and how Republicans want to cut welfare and food stamps but give tax breaks to wealthy corporations.

The Gantt Report is going to tell you to watch all candidates running for office because none of them are perfect and most of them don’t care about you or your issues at all.

The president that you love will give data that you sent him in support of his presidency to basically any Democratic candidate who asks him for your e-address, your mailing address or your phone number.

President Barack Obama is not running for anything this year and may never run for elected office again but I imagine everyone who is reading this column gets messages from politicians whom you don’t know and don’t support every day.

Black voters don’t have any true political friends. The Democratic state attorney will over-charge you just as quickly as he or she will undercharge a non-black suspect accused of the same infraction. The Democratic judge will sentence you to jail time just as quickly as he or she will release a so-called murderer like George Zimmerman.

Yes, election time is the time when every political candidate will tell you how they support black communities, support black businesses, support black schools, support black churches, support black-owned media and how they will fight hard to pass legislation and laws that benefit African Americans.

However, it is no coincidence that various award shows are broadcast very close to election time. Award show producers know very well that politicians should receive every single award because they act like they love you, fake like they will patronize you, pretend to support you and pose as your benefactors.

Democrats and Republicans love each other much more than they love you. Political parties don’t mean anything special. A politician can be a Republican all of his or her life, wake up one day and switch to the Democratic Party and Negroes will climb all over one another trying to be the first ones to endorse the former Republican.

There are good political candidates who are members of every political persuasion but you have to take your time deciding, check them out closely and thoroughly and make an educated choice when you step into the voting booth.

Parties don’t deserve respect; individual good political candidates do.

Lucius Gantt, a political consultant based in Tallahassee, is author of the book Beast Too: Dead Man Writing which is available at You can like The Gantt Report page on Facebook and contact Gantt at