“Elections have consequences, I won; you lost”!

Sound familiar? It should. It was what newly-elected President Barack Hussein Obama told Republicans on January 23, 2009, just days after his inauguration as they wanted him and Democrats to include some of their issues in his stimulus package.

He refused to even consider their concerns. Now as he is gallivanting around the world one last time before he has to leave the White House, he is telling foreign dignitaries that he will speak out if President-Elect Donald Trump “threatens America’s core values”.

Not only does he intend to speak out as a private citizen, he encouraged others to protest the election. Two weeks later, hundreds of professional protesters and students are blocking traffic carrying signs saying “NOT MY PRESIDENT”, etc.

According to FOX News, never in almost 100 years has a former president publicly complained about a sitting POTUS’ words or actions. President George W. Bush said he thought it was not right for a past POTUS to question a sitting POTUS and he never did, regardless of what Obama did that was contrary to his core beliefs.

Yet Obama has chosen to break that tradition. Even before Trump takes the oath of office, Obama is commenting on Trump’s presidency, just as he did during the election. No other sitting POTUS campaigned for his successor. Yet Obama campaigned for Hillary Clinton and said some ugly things about Trump, while chastising Trump for saying ugly things about Hillary and chastising black voters about voting for Hillary.

But Obama has violated protocol constantly over the past eight years. I remember when he presided over the ceremony where the new POTUS hangs a photo of the former POTUS in the White House. Obama had some not so nice things to say about Bush to the point that when Bush took the microphone, he commented that while he knew he was coming to a hanging ceremony, he did not know he was coming to a “hanging” ceremony – if you get what I mean.

Unfortunately, Obama is not the only highly visible person showing his disdain for President-Elect Trump. In fact, there are a couple of members of the Electoral College who have sworn not to vote for Trump when the College meets on December 19, 2016. Never in the history of this country has the Electoral College not voted according to the oath they took.

Others have been swamped with emails urging them to violate their sworn oath to vote for Donald Trump who received 306 of the 583 electoral votes to Hillary Clinton’s 232. One needs 270 to win the presidency. It is reported that Hillary won the popular vote by at least 1 million votes, while Michigan is still undecided (wonder what happened there?). So the radical leftists are protesting that Trump is not the legitimate president and some have sent death threats to members of the Electoral College if they vote for him.

According to, Texas Republican and elector Art Sisneros says he won’t vote for Trump because “As a Christian, I came to the conclusion that Mr. Trump is not biblically qualified…” (Who gives you the right to say who is biblically qualified? Matthew 7:1 (KJV) says: “Judge not, that ye be not judged.”) Even Democratic members of Congress are trying to figure out ways to keep Trump out of the White House. Senator Barbara Boxer (CA) filed a bill last week to eliminate the Electoral College (making the popular vote the only process and Hillary the winner).

The Democrats are notorious for changing the rules when they need to win. When Obama won the White House and Democrats won the House and the Senate, the first thing they did was to change some of the rules so they could remain in power and pass all the bills they needed without Republican votes. In fact, the Affordable Care Act AKA ObamaCare was passed without a single Republican vote. How’s that for total control?

The Liberals boxed Republicans out. And they thought with a Hillary win, they would destroy the Republican Party and change this country into a one party Socialist nation. That was the “Hope and Change”.

Well “Elections have consequences,” as Obama said. Trump won the Electoral College and nothing the conniving Liberal Elites (not Hollywood, the media, MoveOn.Org, crying high school/college students, Congress, etc.) can do about it.