Reggie Dee, on air personality at X102.3 Radio in West Palm Beach, has the mayor of the city in his corner.

Several years ago when he walked across America to stamp out racism, Mayor Jeri Muoio was there to greet him upon his send-off and return. And she sings his praises for his dedication to social justice issues. Now that the famed DJ is about to conclude a cross-country walk for unity, the mayor proclaimed October 21 through 28 Unity Week in honor of his walk from West Palm Beach to Seattle, Washington.

Mayor Muoio issued the proclamation at a city commission meeting last week. “As a result of the work of Reggie Dee, we wanted to recognize his efforts and the work he’s doing for unity. We issued the proclamation at a commission meeting because we wanted it known that we are in agreement with what Reggie is doing. We need to set aside even longer than a week to work together, come together and unify this nation,” said Muoio. “The discourse across this nation is affecting all of us. We need to be respectful of one another and embrace our differences.”

Reggie Dee embarked on his Walk for Unity on August 11, leaving from the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial site in West Palm Beach.

He will conclude his walk on Saturday, Nov. 3 at the T-Mobile headquarters (his major sponsor), in Seattle.”We need people to come together in a united front and to embrace each other as brother and sister,” he said upon embarking on the journey.

“I think what he’s doing is a great way to bring this country together. It starts with one person, and it reminds me of a little drop of water into the ocean,” said Don Chris, program director at X102.3 and the Beats 96.3. “I think it’s perfect timing to spread unity The people are on edge right now. I think it’s clear this country is divided. There’s all kinds of division right now. But we now have to take it upon ourselves and step up to the plate. And that’s what Reggie is doing.”

Several years ago, as the DJ’s mom lay on her dying bed from cancer, he promised her he would do what she asked —and work to make a difference in this world. Today, Reggie Dee says he is walking with his mother standing on his shoulder.

“She didn’t want me to walk for cancer,” he said. “She wanted me to do something else that would make a difference as well.”

Chris shared Reggie’s encounter with a police officer during his walk across the country. Apparently responding to a call alleging that Reggie was trespassing, the officer soon learned from Reggie about his mission; resulting in donations of water and funding by the officer and his colleagues.

Muoio and Chris said they’re excited about Reggie’s return to the Palm Beaches. “I can’t imagine doing what he’s doing. It’s incredible and it’s remarkable,” said Muoio.

“He’s spreading that message of unity and it started with one person.

But before you know it, it’s a movement. You can’t achieve great things without unity!” said Chris.