If you want to avoid one of the biggest holiday season jumbles, remember the batteries when giving gifts to kids and tech lovers.

Ninety percent of Americans have forgotten batteries for a holiday gift in the past, according to a survey by Energizer in 2016. And 44 percent of consumers take batteries out of their other devices to power a holiday gift if they forgot to purchase batteries at the store.

So don’t let the phrase “Batteries Not Included” crush holiday cheer or require an anti-climactic run to the store.

Parents will want to be especially mindful of ensuring gifts are ready to use, as kids can be extra eager to play with their new toys once opened. But whether it’s a remote-controlled car, video game controller or robotic pet, recipients of all ages will want to enjoy their gifts right away, so don’t forget to read the labels on holiday items and be prepared.

Remember, batteries make for great stocking stuffers. And this year, you can get prepped for holidays present and future, as Energizer MAX AA batteries allow them to hold power for up to 10 years while in storage. They also offer long-lasting power and are designed to prevent damaging leaks, so gifts stay fun longer.

Even the best holiday gifts can lose their luster without batteries to operate them. Ensure the holidays end on a high note by remembering the batteries with your gifts this year.