While some students love school, others may need a little motivation and inspiration to keep class interesting.

Add a bit of excitement to education by gearing up with the latest and greatest educational tools and school accessories.

A New Set of Wheels

Make getting out the door more appealing by giving students a way to get to school and other activities in style. A new set of wheels — bicycle wheels that is — encourages exercise and fosters independence. Just be sure you opt for a model that has the latest safety and durability features.

Any great bike is not complete without a helmet. With so many cool designs and styles available today, finding one that fits properly and looks great should not be a challenge.

Innovative Music Equipment

Help inspire young musicians with space-saving equipment that doesn’t compromise sound or quality. For example, the latest addition to Casio’s well-known Privia line of digital pianos, the PX-160, features the sound of a 9-foot concert grand with speakers that project towards both the player and audience. It provides split and layer capability allowing students to play bass with the left hand and have two layered tones for the right.

A great feature for the student learning to play is duet mode, which allows the keyboard to be split into two equal ranges, so the student and teacher can play simultaneously. The model also features left and right 1/4” audio outputs, making it easy for musicians to connect to other devices for external amplification or recording purposes, as well as simulated ebony and ivory-textured keys for a realistic piano touch. More information can be found at

Study Aid

Ease the pain of cramming for an exam with a high-quality music system that allows users to stream their favorite tracks via Bluetooth from a computer or mobile device and is paired with an excellent set of speakers. There are many set-ups that are perfect for portability and small rooms — ideal for high schoolers, college students and others on-the-go.

Send your student to school in style. Great new tools and accessories can give the school year a bit of extra appeal, while encouraging students to get active, get creative and hit the books.