alcalloway.jpgEvery time people of African descent allow themselves to get into a discussion – which amounts to an argument – about so-called “race,” especially with people of European descent, I see a people on an intellectual treadmill, trudging in place, down a long fantasy road to nowhere.

How, I wonder, can so many black leaders in academia, medicine, law, politics and religion diverge from the most ancient scientific fact (the truth) that there is but one “race” and that is the human race? But then, I have to cease my wondering and deal with either the possibility or probability that apparently most, if not all, black leaders would not agree that there is but one race.

There is a double-headed culprit responsible for what is now the global confusion about “race.” The body of said culprit is white nationalism.

One head holds greed and the other spreads destruction. Conditioning is the process through which continued submission to white nationalism and order are maintained.  

Therein lies the rationale for such deep confusion that has black people essentially arguing about that which is not real. Basically, schools up through advanced degree programs do not teach that “race” – and therefore racism – are no more than notions devised by 18th- and 19th-century white nationalist scientists and medical doctors at the highest respectable levels in America and Europe.

So, in effect, when arguing about “race,” and especially when charging white people with racism, you cannot win such an argument because all white people have to do is deny that they are racists. Now how do you keep accusing someone of that which actually does not exist except as a notion, as pseudo science?

White people know what black people won’t admit: Charges of racism can be leveled until hell freezes over, but whites are conditioned to believe they are superior and that black people are inferior. And, too many blacks cannot shake the conditioning that they are inferior to white people and other human groups as well. 

Why else would black leaders not readily see that the issue is about white nationalism, rather than a mere notion of “race?” Attack white America and the whole Eurocentric world view with the truth, not a notion! The most mentally healthy black writers such as Neely Fuller and psychiatrist Dr. Frances Cress Welsing are clear on what they call “the white supremacy system/culture.”

In her must-read book, The Isis (Yssis) Papers, Dr. Welsing writes, “Acutely aware of their inferior genetic ability to produce skin color, whites built the elaborate myth of white genetic superiority. Furthermore, whites set about the huge task of evolving a social, political and economic structure that would support the myth of the inferiority of blacks and other non-whites.”

What white nationalists don’t want to happen is for blacks or white masses to actually study the human race.  Unfortunately, most schools will not teach the works of Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop, the famed African scholar from Senegal, West Africa. Dr. Diop’s book, The African Origin of Civilization, Myth or Reality puts to rest any notion that ancient Egypt, indeed all the Nile Valley civilizations of antiquity, were any other than black civilizations.

White nationalists could not get around Dr. Diop’s credentials in their usual effort to discredit his scientific findings. In addition to being an Egyptologist, Dr. Diop was also a physicist, historian and  philosopher.  I wish progressive teachers out there would read Diop and get changed! Two other books by this remarkable scholar are also must reads: Precolonial Black Africa and Civilization or Barbarism.

In Chapter XIII of The African Origin of Civilization, titled “Early History of Humanity: Evolution of the Black World,” Dr. Diop writes, “I have directed my efforts to the period of the African past ranging from prehistory to the appearance of modern States at the end of the Middle Ages, for this is the span that posed the greatest number of problems for understanding the history of mankind.”

Clearly, if black people would start Black History Month with a chronological presentation of black history, not that period from slavery to now, but from antiquity, from the beginning, we could end black inferiority and white superiority. Moreover, so-called “race” issues could then be attacked for what they really are: white nationalism and neo-white nationalism.