alcalloway.jpgYes, we the people are the United States of America because we the people comprise the states (“in Order to form a more perfect Union”).

And now the “We” cannot be circumscribed to only mean some of us – by virtue of ethnicity, culture, religion or other means of discrimination – because Barack H. Obama is the next president of the United States of America!

Call out the scholars of all religions, the archeologists, historians and anthropologists, for there may be more afoot here. Kenya, from which the Obama bloodline emanates, is in that part of the world where researchers have found the oldest human remains. Some have even described East Africa as “The Garden of Eden,” where humanity began.

Kenya is part of the great ancient Nile Valley civilizations, including pyramidal Egypt, that had their zenith before the birth of Christ. Our president-elect’s father was of Kenya’s Luo tribe, born right at the grand Lake Victoria in Alego.  He made his way to the University of Hawaii on scholarship, where he was the top student in his class and married a WASP white girl from Kansas who became Barack Obama’s mother. Cherokee is also mixed in his mother’s bloodline.

We have felt all along the “improbable” Barack Obama journey these past 21 months. In it, there is something pleasant, futuristic and hopeful. It is at once new and ancient. He soothes us with his voice and with his words and with his calm.

This man is a messenger. He has come from the place within us all that we allowed to lay fallow. That place where mutual respect, cooperation, love and community have always been the secret of prosperity.

Obama has driven into our minds, bodies and spirits, “Yes We Can.” Together, we can reclaim America; we can really make it “My country ‘tis of thee, sweet land of liberty . . .”

Selfishness and greed can be replaced with sacrifice and sharing – and I don’t mean socialism. Capitalism can be a universal good with the proper checks and balances. It has to be tweaked, but fear not a larger middle class. It will expand the markets, investments and profits.

We the people are the power. That is what Barack Obama demonstrated via his successful people campaign. People power is the result of people organization; it cannot come about any other way.
Never again should we allow our rights, our power, to be stolen under the guise of justice and security.

Never again should we allow those in power to play the “Murphy game” on we the people for bailouts. By organizing from the neighborhood level on up, we the people will own the political process wherein elected and appointed officials must be accountable to us.

Is it possible that an understanding beyond ours is at work here? A bloodline all the way from the cradle of civilization (East Africa), infused with Scottish/English and Cherokee from Kansas, will inhabit the White House as president of the United States of America in the personage of Barack H. Obama.

Is this a cosmic or divine realization? Has Barack H. Obama come to bring the beginnings of global change?

Already, some apparent certainties exist. One is that the conversation about the pseudoscience of race is shifting dramatically away from preconceived notions.

For example, conditioned folk, most especially many media talking heads, maintained the specter of the so-called “Bradley effect” – when whites mislead pollsters about their intent to vote for black candidates – through the entire 21-month campaign. Nationwide, according to The Associated Press, Obama collected 44 percent of the white vote, more than John Kerry, Al Gore or even Bill Clinton.
White Americans voted overwhelmingly for Obama, dispelling the myth that white people will not vote for an African American.

Second, it is abundantly clear that playing the race card as an excuse for non-productivity will become increasingly frowned upon within African-American communities, and pressure to be productive will come from a combination of all Americans, as in, “What is your excuse, now?”

Black males have got to get off the corners and into the books, and pull their pants up. Barack Obama became president of the United States of America without a father!

Black girls, you are precious. Keep your dignity like Michelle Obama. She went to inner-city schools and achieved. She waited until she was successful, and married a successful man. Then the couple had children.

And parents, Obama has challenged you in every important speech he’s made during the last two years. Let’s change. Yes we can.