It’s 2016, late October and only days before Americans go to the polls to elect a new Deplorable in Chief or President of the United States!

The names have changed and, in the case of the Democratic nominee, the gender has changed but the pre-election status and the post-election results for African Americans will be basically the same as always. Blacks will put their candidate of choice first and that candidate, when elected, will put black people last! The 2016 Presidential race has been nasty, naughty and super negative. Discussions about leaked or hacked emails, perverted sex talk, tax cheating and troublesome marriages have permeated media reports about this year’s elections.

Trash talk has subverted conversations about problems, policies and solutions and the political hype has bamboozled black voters again.

This year and every election year black voters are exploited, denied, suppressed, misled, ignored and taken for granted by nearly every candidate and certainly by every political party. The black political hero, President Barack Obama, has been quick to use his voice to motivate Black voters to go to the polls to cast ballots for Democratic candidates but he has been as slow as a snail to tell Democrats running for office to utilize the expertise, professionalism and influence of black-owned media and black political professionals.

The president and his lovely wife, Michelle, both made recent speeches designed to increase black voter turnout. As good as those talks were, they will not come close to turning out the high numbers of black voters that cast ballots four and eight years ago.

The reasons blacks aren’t so excited as they were before is because the black political shepherds have done well over the last eight years but the black sheep in their flock have gotten less money, less justice, less opportunities and more beatings, killings and more governmental hatred! Let’s be real. The only people of African descent that can excel and progress in the American political system are those Blacks that can be controlled!

If black elected officials, black candidates, black political operatives and Black political vendors do not do as they are told there is no place for them in any party, any campaign or in any election! There are more Democrats than there are Republicans in most states and in almost every important electoral state but Republicans control those states. Why? Because Democrats continue to take their biggest voting blocks and biggest voter base for granted.

White voters are divided and will always be divided. Black, Hispanic, Native Americans, Asians and other people of color will always be the deciding factor in U.S. elections.

The 2016 elections are important but every election is important. The main “legacy” that you should be concerned with is your own! If voting for Lucy Ricardo or Archie Bunker makes you sick, cast your 2016 votes for your children and your community. Vote for candidates you desire but also vote for important amendments on the ballots in many states! And, vote against ALL judges up for retention!

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