Most political pundits and black leaders guarantee that the black vote will go to Hillary Clinton for President in the November 8th general election. However, Donald Trump could win or maybe so called long shot Bernie Sanders. What if Sanders decides to run, after the Democratic Party convention in Philadelphia, as an Independent Party candidate? And for hardcore protest voters, Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson will also be a ballot choice.

Wow, what a mess at the top! There’s lying Hillary, con man Trump and mad as hell Bernie and then this guy Johnson from political Pluto all running for POTUS. Standard political logic has it that Trump could win if Bernie stays in the race, which, supposedly, will drain voters from Hillary who, apparently, cannot stand on her own two political feet.

Bernie’s political revolution is spot on, but he left African American and Hispanic strategists out of his pre-candidacy hub. He could have been fearful of losing needed white support. American reality is that white nationalism permeates far left to far right – socialist, liberal, moderate to conservative and neo-conservative. Too many people erroneously call white nationalism “racism.” Actually there is only one race and that is our human race.

Hillary simply plays Democratic Party politics that relies on marshalling, no, herding black elected officials, civil rights leaders and key black preachers who convince the black masses that Hillary is “our candidate.” These leaders are promoted on television and radio through Party contacts and some get newspaper and magazine exposure. But, what Hillary and the Democratic Party will do little of is spend advertising dollars with black publications.

Trump will say and do just about any- thing to “get over.” He is a good numbers man that knows America’s majority voting group is white people who are said to be seventy percent of the electorate. So Trump makes sure that his crowds are mostly white people and he promises to eradicate their fears – fear of job loss and economic downturn, fear of immigrants, especially Mexicans and Muslims, fear that government will take their guns and the rest of their Second Amendment rights, etc.

What too few analysts are talking about since the presidential primary voting season swung south first with the South Carolina primary, is during that run up as blacks virtually went wild voting for Hillary, although, apparently, no deal had been struck, discussed or contemplated anywhere known, was due to pure political ineptitude. It was also due to the politics of containment played out through Democratic Party politics that controls most black elected officials and other leaders.

While a few white Republicans really want an inclusive political party, with African Americans, Hispanics and others involved, too many are such rabid white nationalists that their overall actions threaten to take the Republican Party into a fascist domain. Both political parties have virtually acquiesced to Wall Street and Washington’s deal making K Street. As a result, America’s powerful super rich is our true leadership class that is called an oligarchy — “government by a small group of people.”

With Hillary Clinton in the White House, African Americans will feel good, even if things don’t really get better as long as they don’t get any worse. After nearly eight years of Obama wherein rich people got richer and high expectations got rolled back into just survival for black people, a Hillary promise to keep Obamacare and fill Supreme Court vacancies with liberal and moderate Justices will be fitting palliatives.

A Trump victory in the long run could help African Americans. Self-sufficiency will be across the board because Republicans won’t stop at shrinking voter roles and incarcerating black people, also state by state every “entitlement” will be at risk. White people will challenge so called minorities at every level for jobs. Public education could take another rollback. Perhaps under such circumstances black people can finally awaken their distilled genius and create from what we have and what is available.

Bernie Sanders brings the real revolution that cannot be stopped. It is long range and is the final phase of the American Revolution. If Bernie should somehow win the White House, Washington won’t let him do a thing and he would hit the streets of America and rally people. He could make some dents and rents in status quo armor within his one four year term.

In the final analysis African Americans have to ask themselves, does it really matter who’s president? The real question is what am I going to do for me and mine? So vote your choice, but remember to do for self!