By Al Calloway

When seen through a fact checked lens, a correct analysis of mainstream “black” organizations reveals that blurring is a central aspect of their very foundation. The so-called “black church,” for example, is an off-shoot of an aggregated religious invention of black plantation life under slavery. The NAACP, founded in 1909, and the Urban League, founded in 1910 are both operated by blacks through white liberal and conservative financial and other means.

Blurring, then, means that what appears and what is real cannot readily be distinguished. So unlike other groups in America, the amalgam vicariously called black and/or African American people have yet to establish identity at any meaningful social level, anywhere. Therefore, the resulting utter chaos that exists throughout the black experience is predictable.

Because those blacks who tend to rise as leaders are rarely chosen by their own – noteworthy exceptions being Malcolm X and Martin L. King Jr., (too hard to control and, therefore, eliminated) – a status for black people that is designed to maintain control is constantly reinforced. Blacks outside of social work, education, the clergy and civil rights law are avoided by white nationalist America as recognized black leaders.

We all know the black leaders; they are paraded before us via television, radio, print and social news media. They are all integrationists. They talk about the black vote as a vital part of the Democratic Party base, civil rights laws, police brutality, the minimum wage, alternative lifestyles and abortions. They are neither seen nor heard of promoting anything black without other groups’ involvement.

Integrationists create no economic development of stratified black communities; they do not organize black political districts from the precinct levels up; they move their children to better integrated schools while ducking the educational crisis within black neighborhoods and, overall, integrationist blacks perfectly fit Dr. Nathan Hare’s description in his book titled, The Black Anglo Saxons.

I for one am on public record decrying such distortions of leadership. It is utter depravity to needlessly proceed where doing so begets no real building value. Black leadership in Africa and the Caribbean is even worse. There black leaders give away the people’s wealth, their natural resources, in exchange for fancy houses and cars, Swiss bank accounts and blond, blue-eyed women. The people are so confused that they are using skin lightening creams!

Any so-called leadership that can objectify taking care of themselves, their friends and families and to hell with the rest, are people whose leadership must be gotten rid of. It’s just that simple. Through whatever prism you look there is but one reality: black people had better group-up because we are responsible for saving ourselves. Integration has nothing to do with it. White people are not going to rescue you and me, remember, they enslaved us!

So here is what’s clear: grassroots people have got to remember Queen Mother Moore, Fannie Lou Hamer, Ella Baker, Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman. These black women were great leaders, community organizers and steadfast under white nationalist pressures. A time for strong black women leaders is upon us as too many black men have succumbed to criminal behavior, drug addiction and white women.

Black women are the backbone of the black church which now, in this time of great crisis, has to have its value to black communities reassessed. Any and all preachers playing “the pimp game” have got to go – maybe even some to jail for stealing, fornicating and child molestation. It’s out there, all over black communities and women know about it and can do something about it. The will to bring comprehensively positive social change to black communities rests in black women.

Black women wake up to your real power. You are the majority population within black communities and you are largely responsible for their economies, such that they are. You even have the power to transform scarce black dollars into circulating dollars within your neighborhoods. It’s all about organization, which takes place by phone, text and email then small meetings here and there. From that start organization grows through human dynamics.

There’s nobody coming to save us but us!