Recently, an African American Ph.D. I know had business in a building where Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign occupies a sizable storefront office. All the white people inside working struck her as odd since the business building was smack in the heart of Fort Lauderdale’s historically black thoroughfare, Sistrunk Boulevard. And, an African American professional woman owns the building.

What’s wrong with that reality became even clearer when our curious Ph.D. inquired about key employment opportunities and was told to email her resume. She went upstairs to where she serves as a consultant and immediately sent her resume to the appropriate person, as requested. She has yet to receive a single response. That was some three weeks ago, folks.

Add to the above another stark reality. Our Ph.D. was born and raised just blocks from the Clinton office whose family goes back to the incorporation of Fort Lauderdale as a city. Whatever she doesn’t know about black Fort Lauderdale alone she knows who does. And then those white “liberals” may have reviewed that resume and got scared, or got an inferiority complex.

Obviously not a single person, white or black, within Hillary’s sprawling national drive for the White House sees or cares that white “liberalism” is simply white nationalism from the left – a smiling “I’m with you” subtle disconnect and quasi-avoidance designed to win you over while they maintain dominance over you and yours politically and economically.

People of African descent just have to be logical. What mindset brings a white overseer detail into an African American neighborhood asking for your vote to put a white woman in the White House? That’s learned behavior just as black people have learned to allow white people to dominate them. Blacks have learned to do anything for a few dollars, and that is exactly what white nationalist on the left and right knows to give you.

Notice that the Clinton analysis of needed votes focuses on white college educated women as a group and white college educated men as a separate group and that both groups have to be dealt with differently. However, for the must-have massive numbers of Democratic Party base votes, which is the black vote, Hillary and her minions clump blacks together as a monolithic group, “the black vote.”

Well, Hillary, you have yet to appeal to me, my relatives and friends, more than ninety percent of whom are black college graduates! So what are we, chopped liver? And for the record, most African Americans do not attend the NAACP, National Urban League, Al Sharpton’s group or the Baptist conventions. And the Congressional Black Caucus is foreign to most of us.

Black newspapers and radio, where white candidates traditionally spend little money, is the biggest miss in white political in reach to the Democratic Party base. Is it because the black press is nonwhite? Is it because white political operatives are stupid? Do you see what I mean about white nationalism, it is so ingrained that they move against their own interests?

And that is exactly why Hillary and Bill Clinton let the so-called race genie out of the bottle during the 2008 campaign against Obama. Now African Americans are being asked to give them a pass to hopefully keep the Obama agenda alive, what a dilemma. What about President Bill Clinton’s 1994 crime bill that not only Hillary supported, but she used the term “superpredator” referring to black males.

Unfortunately, African Americans put completely out of mind that President Bill Clinton, with Hillary’s support, allowed the human slaughter in Rwanda East Africa (they were black people, so who cared). These Clintons are white nationalists on the left and Donald Trump is the same on the right. Whatever African Americans choose they will remain on the bottom politically and economically without organization.

When I tell you that Hillary has become a terrible political problem, just look at how she stupidly implicated our great General and Secretary of State, Colin L. Powell in her email mess. Oh, yes, she certainly wants the black vote. I’ll tell you again and again, white nationalism is a disease, like cancer.