One morning I found out that a crazed man had gunned down hundreds of innocent people doing nothing more than enjoying life to the sound of country music. But then when I turned on my TV expecting to hear the facts of the case, I was met with the hatred and vitriol the Democrats are so good at displaying.

They had marched civil rights icon John Lewis out to preach the liberal gospel of gun control to us “deplorables.” The bloody bodies of the murdered mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons and daughters still lay on the ground in front of the Mandalay Hotel in Las Vegas and these overpaid politicians were pointing their fickle fingers at the NRA, Congressional Republicans and President Donald Trump as being complicit in their murders – all because they didn’t agree with the Democrat’s Liberal gun control philosophy.

John Lewis was bellowing out “How many more must die? 100, 1000….? He stood in front of other Democratic members of the Senate and the Congressional Black Caucus (like Maxine Waters) – all standing with these ugly, angry scowls on their faces.

Menacing – and trying to be intimidating to shame Republicans into giving in.

But it was the Democrats who should have been ashamed of themselves. John Lewis? Preaching about the murders of white folk? When he and the other black elected officials have been eerily silent about the constant and continuous murder of hundreds of black folk by other thuggish black men. It seems like “black lives matter” only when they are murdered by white police officers.

To me, that’s hypocrisy. They know that stricter gun control would not have stopped the Vegas massacre. Yet it took Hillary Clinton less than 7 hours to blame the NRA and Republicans for that senseless crime.

When everyone else was feeling the pain and mourning for the 58 innocent lives lost and praying for their souls and for the speedy recovery of the over 500 injured, cold blooded Democrats were screaming for Republicans to be punished for being complicit in these murders.

Well, what about the murders of black and brown folk in Chicago which has some of the strictest gun laws in the country and is totally controlled by Democrats? Where does Hillary stand on this issue? How can John Lewis allow himself to be trotted out for the murders of white folk when his folk are dropping like flies in Chicago?

All they care about is blaming Republicans for all the ills in this country so they can try to regain power. They are ruthless and don’t care who they hurt. To them the end justifies the means. And they use every incident they can to create a crisis and use it to divide and conquer.

As Irma roared through the Caribbean destroying the beautiful islands of Dominica and Puerto Rico then storming up the entire state of Florida, the Democrats thought they could create a psychological crisis by accusing Trump of racism in his emergency response to Puerto Rico.

You see, racism is what they peddle best. Everyone else is racist but them. They promote themselves as the champion of the victims of racism, when, in effect, they are the perpetrators of racism, along with their sidekicks, the liberal mainstream media.

After the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico was interviewed by Anderson Cooper, she then became a very loud and vocal antagonist of President Trump’s response to the dire emergencies on her island.

And now one of the latest incidents involves the NFL, which focuses on Trump’s response to the flack created by Colin Kaepernick in protesting what started out as police brutality but mushroomed into a protest against the National Anthem, the flag and Trump’s use of the phrase “Son-of-a-bitch.”

As with most all other Liberal artificially created crisis, the focus is on making people think racism is the main problem. So as Kaepernick exercised his “right” to protest during the National Anthem before his game and which was copied by many of the other NFL players, coaches, teams and fans, he forfeited his opportunity to become one of the great players in the League.

Nobody wants to work with him. Now he’s been convinced to file a lawsuit against the NFL, which is just as idiotic as was his first introduction to the world of civil disobedience. He has been manipulated into losing multimillion dollar contracts in order to serve someone else’s sad, pathetic effort to prove Donald Trump and his followers are racists.

Kaepernick has become the latest victim of Liberalism and he can’t even see it. Now the head of the Congressional Black Caucus has sent a letter to the NFL supporting Kaepernick in his lawsuit.

Have they no shame?