By Dr. Bessie Fletcher

Can you live life abundantly, without When most mothers or daughters hear the word abundance, like most people, they think of money. If you have lived in this world for any length of time, you learn that money promotes most negotiations or exchanges for things. Mothers, you may notice your daughter’s desire for money at an early age. She’s three years old, and she is asking you for dollars. She sees you at the grocery store buying her favorite snacks and over time she knows you gave the cashier dollars to pay for them. She will record these transactions into her subconscious mind. She now connects money with the ability to get the things she desires.

Mother you are training her on how to do business from the World’s perspective!

Like most mothers, they have been reared too, to work for money to pay bills: such as a house and car payments, to buy foods and clothes, or simple pleasures. Our mothers train us to get a job, to get a husband, a house, a car, and to live in the right neighborhood. So, that we can fit into what others define as living an abundant life! Mothers we live our lives trying to recreate the world’s model of abundance and we pass this model down to our daughters, which came from our mothers! The Bible scripture is clear when it tells us in Ezekiel 16:44; “As is the mother, so is her daughter.”

Mothers have a responsibility to read the Word of God for themselves and until you do, you will continue to raise your daughters from the world’s interpretation of abundance. Philippians 4:19 says; “And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.” Jesus tells us in Mark 11:22; “Have Faith in God.” He said that “Only Faith Moves God.” If you believe in God, He will move on your behalf and there is nothing too big for Him, to do for you!

Now back to my question: Can you live life abundantly, without money?

I say, “Yes,” because abundance comes from God with eternal life, health, peace, joy, love, happiness, and His blessings. These are things you can’t buy with money.

Eighty percent of people in this w look at money as a means to abundance but Faith is the true abundance. If you ha Faith in God, you will receive all that God has promised you! Deuteronomy 6:11 sa “That He will give you houses you didn’

build, full with all good things, wells y didn’t dig, vineyards and olive trees y didn’t plant, and when you eat you are full!”

Which means you don’t need the wo money, when you “Have Faith in God.” is your currency for living an abundant lif Dr. Bessie Fletcher, Chaplain/Christian Clinical Psychologist