As I listened to the sermon on Memorial Day Sunday, I realized with sadness that there was no mention of our troops or our fallen soldiers or what Memorial Day means or even what being in America means.

Our motto is: The land of the free and the home of the brave.

Normally, one would celebrate the bravery of our military, especially those who have laid down their lives to protect the freedom for rest of us. But on this Memorial Day weekend 2019, all I heard was another bash Trump sermon.

Frankly, I’m a little tired of this foolishness. I grew up in a time when we proudly saluted the flag, happily sang the National Anthem and gratefully said a prayer in school. Now liberals have made it illegal to pray at any school function and have turned black ball players into heroes who disrespect the flag and our National Anthem by sitting or “taking a knee” when they should be standing with their hands over their hearts and singing along with the crowd.

My father served in the Army. My stepfather served in the Army. And I married an Army man who became a Second Lieutenant, making me the wife of “An Officer and a Gentleman.” Our three children were all born in a military hospital and my oldest daughter married a veteran. So Memorial Day means something special to me and I make it a habit of thanking active duty military and veterans for their service.

But I’ve found that for most people, Memorial Day means little more than a day off from work and a barbecue for family and friends. And judging by the attitude of many in the black community, there is little respect for this country or its leaders, particularly if they’re Republican.

That’s because they have been listening to or better yet, directed by Democrats and the Liberal mainstream media (MSM), who have used them to try and take total control of this country and change it from Capitalism to Socialism. And what’s so sad, particularly during this Memorial Day weekend, is that many young black men and women have volunteered to bravely put their lives on the line for this country.

But listening to the visiting preacher on this past Sunday as on many other Sundays, it is evident that 95% of all African American voters are registered Democrats and all controlled by the Democratic Party and its companion media and church. Black preachers have become extensions of the Party and even without being instructed to do so, they tailor their sermons to try and destroy any belief in the Republican Party or anybody not connected to or controlled by the Left.

How the visiting preacher turned a story from the Old Testament into an indictment of President Donald Trump is beyond me. But it is what black preachers have been doing for President George H. W. Bush (Bush 41), President George W. Bush (Bush 43) as well as President Trump (45). Notice they only turn on Republican presidents.

Even when President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump placed flags on the graves of fallen soldiers in Arlington Cemetery during Memorial Day weekend, as every POTUS has done for decades, Democrats and the liberal MSM ridiculed them as they have done to the entire Trump family since inauguration.

What was there to ridicule? Nothing! But they did it anyway. And in doing so, disrespected the fallen heroes again as they have during each football game when the players refused to salute Old Glory.

With each instance of disrespect of the flag or of POTUS, they devalue the lives that those brave men and women in uniform have put on the line or made the ultimate sacrifice so that the rest of us can enjoy the freedoms guaranteed to us by the Constitution and The Bill of Rights of the greatest country in the world.

We must speak up against anyone who disrespects POTUS, Old Glory and the Star-Spangled Banner or our military. And Memorial Day must mean more than barbecue and sermons must not be used to denigrate politicians and enslave a community to the Democratic plantation. That was not what Jesus would do.

Finally, to all those military men and women who served our country with honor and distinction – THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!