White nationalism is the political manifestation of white supremacy, which is a survival mechanism of dangerously fearful human types that emerged from the ice. They are of alabaster-like skin tones and tend to be devoid of melanin. While they are actually not “white,” they nevertheless felt a need to graph some form of skin color, presumably over time. So they call themselves “white people.”

As white people moved southward into warmer climates, they discovered a world of bountiful beauty and unimaginable plenty, including warmth. There was much to see and learn to do; and they stuck together in discovery and fearfulness. People from the ice brought hunting skill which they incorporated with newly learned weapons. Soon their warlike nature became useful to many groups and whites began to prosper.

Always, though, fear raged within white people because they knew they were small in number. Everywhere, south, east and west, these Nordic type travelers were vastly outnumbered, and so with the receding ice, white people built their future in Europe. During centuries of discovery across planet Earth, white people never found other white settlements outside of Europe.

Therefore, white people have long suffered a great fear of genetic annihilation, being such a small number of human beings. Everywhere on planet Earth there are people who are black and every shade of brown including reddish brown to yellow. Alabaster-like humans tend to not reproduce at the same or similar rates as other people, and many genetic traits are recessive. Through every means possible, these people have mated with all human groups in the world; they have also unleashed a pogrom against people of color everywhere!

As history clearly shows, civilizations come and go and they tend to do so because of internal and external irresolvable issues. So, Egypt and other Nile Valley civilizations, Mesopotamia, Greece and Rome, to name a few, and now Western Civilization seem to be shaking on its foundation. After centuries of conquest in which inferiority became a superiority complex, white leaders created a race division with white people at the helm.

So Christian Europe and what would eventually become America baptized African slavery and imperialism with the blood of Christ for white wealth and prosperity. Crimes against humanity be damned for Earth’s original humans were destined, by God, to be the footstool of “the white race.” And so, 400 plus years later, here we are, at the precipice of societal destruction with a white supremacist leading the way as president of the United States of America, and an escalating right-wing Europe following.

White supremacy is a trick of a warped mind. To make this trick work perennially, white people will have to maintain dominant power forever, which is impossible. Mathematical certainty of the Natural Law dictates its finality. Time is its death knell and ending. Cleaning up debris left in the wake of this demise will be essential, such as garbage including false history and pseudo science about “race,” perpetrated by the eugenics movement from 18th and 19th century European and American doctors and scientists.

As white supremacy is being prepared for its descent down into the dustbin of history, it would certainly help for black people to not be fooled by the “I am your friend” white nationalists that seem to be on your side of issues. Take Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the U. S. House of Representatives. As a member of the rich one percent ruling class, when has she been asked by black people, “What have you done for me lately?”

U. S. Senator Bernie Sanders, a so-called liberal – whatever that means — is simply a white nationalist of the left who has the unmitigated gall to ask black people to vote for him, again. Sanders spent an entire career ignoring black people until he decided to run for president in 2016. Let black people walk the streets anywhere in Sanders’ white nationalist state of Vermont and cops will be on them immediately.

And former Vice President Joe Biden of Delaware is another liberal white nationalist. I dare you to check his long senatorial record. No way can he pass as a friend of black America.