Most Americans hope that the national tragedy that resulted from the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri will generate a renewed focus on justice and fair play throughout every genre of the national experience. Of course history has shown that these lofty principles can be provided by those in power and must be vigorously sought by those with their backs against the wall.

The black community in Ferguson and in other black communities throughout the nation will have a sea change opportunity during the next few months of political elections. The right to vote is a tool that can correct injustice for those who perceive themselves as devoid of power.

Also, communities must begin to coalesce around issues of concern and then be heard by those in positions of influence. While awaiting the arrival of the few outspoken national voices that appear when crisis arise, black communities must reject those matters that have driven us apart and join voices for the common good. We must be relentless in pursuing a new agenda-one that demands positive change and that will never yield to internal or external pressure.

Ours must be a long term strategy that considers every aspect of the black existence. Those matters over which we have the greatest control must be high on the agenda. No longer can we remain silent when we have information that discloses the culprit of crime in our community. While we must always challenge the killing of black men and boys by white police officers, we must also show absolute intolerance when one of ours kills one of ours. Silence is no longer an option. We must stop the killing of blacks by blacks.

Absolute intolerance for any injustice in any form must be our rallying cry. Communities must take a critical look at their policies and practices that should enable all citizens to participate in the core benefits provided by a community. Artificial language restrictions on jobs, for example, are unjust and foster disenfranchisement of entire communities. They must be eliminated.

Police officers who take pride in protecting our citizens must be equipped with options to the use of deadly force. Moreover, police officers should be equipped with body cameras at all times. Every community has a vested interest in ensuring that true justice is achieved through an accurate depiction of an occurrence. Cameras will help to provide that protection both for the suspect and the police.