There will be no third term for President Obama. There are essentially five months left for him to complete his second term. The president is tired and disappointed over his inability to get more things accomplished.Even though he will go down in history as being one of the greatest, and first black president to hold the office, he will leave frustrated.

Overall, Obama seems wistful when discussing his successes.“I hope people remember that this country is just brimming with incredible possibility and opportunity” he told NPR, ”and that actually we’re surprisingly strong with what we went through in 2007, 2008 with the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression.You’ve got an unemployment rate that has dropped down to five percent.You’ve got essentially five years of growth that’s been uninterrupted. People have recovered much of the value of their homes and 401(k) s. You’ve got fewer kids dropping out of high school than ever before, and more kids are going to college than ever before.”

During the seven and a half years that President Obama has been in office, his tenure has been transformational. His passage and signature of the Affordable Care Act was one of the most comprehensive social programs of the past century.There are now over 20 million low-incomeAmericans who now have health insurance for the first time.

Obama also says the financial regulations he initiated in 2010, known as the DoddFrank Act, have curtailed many abusers in the financial markets.The killing of al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden demonstrated the president’s toughness andhis willingness to take risks. Recently, he reached a massive trade agreement with Asia-Pacific, is reachingan international agreement to limit climate change, and winning the war against the Islamic extremist groups around the world.

Last month,the Gallup poll showed his job approval rating at 51 percent. President Obama has gained popularity following a series of executive actions including amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants, the lifting of Cuban sanctions,and his initiative to create net neutrality on theWeb.

All aroundthecountryandtheworld,thefirst lady,Michele Obama,is loved for her intelligence,beauty,fashion,andclass.For theentire durationofthefirstfamily’s tenureintheWhite House,therehavebeennoscandalsorembarrassing moments.

Historically,most outgoing presidents with only five months left to complete their term operate as a“lame duck”if their job approval rating is low.But President Obama’s job rating is over 50 percent, so he will be very engaged with Hillary’s campaign and ensuring that she wins the election. There was a negative hiccup when the Democratic Chairwoman was forced to resign,but the president is all in,and optimistic about winning.

Hillary is not liked by many Americans but the president,his administration,his wife,and Vice President Biden will spend the next three months making sure they change the optics of her campaign. This is the first item on the president’s to do list, but there are many more things, and this is the reason the president is so frustrated.

In all probability,President Obama will not get much done because the Republicans will continue to obstruct and sabotage every serious initiative that could be put on his desk and signed.Nevertheless,on the president’s wish list would be to finally close Guantanamo before he leaves office.This is more of a moral issue than a legacy one.

He would also like to get the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) through Congress, implement the Iran nuclear deal,sign a criminal justice reform bill,get his Supreme Court Judge on the bench,and launch a wireless research project to increase the speed of the web 100 times faster than 4G and LTE networks.

Finally, President Obama will pardon many convicted prisoners of a federal crime that he believes were unjustly sentenced.The president will work until his last hour on the job, and this is why he has a great job approval rating, because America is proud of his work.