Since joining forces several years ago, Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra have introduced many of their fans to meditation via a 21-day program that the duo leads together. Oprah introduces the topic of the daily meditation and Chopra, a medical doctor and bestselling author of many books on spirituality, actually leads participants through the process that involves sitting still, breathing deeply and following his guided instructions via the online program.

The newest 21-Day Meditation Experience kicks off on Nov. 2 and lasts for three weeks. Participants can register for the free program by visiting

The theme of this meditation experience is, Become What You Believe; which promotional material describes as “an inspirational journey to connect to the very core of your being and direct the movement of your life. Embrace your positive beliefs and step into your highest potential, dissolve the unconscious beliefs that are holding you back, and connect to the might of our humanity through the power of shared belief.”