Is peace in the world possible? I say emphatically yes! The great irony, however, is that neither governments nor nations can make peace, although they spend much time taking and posturing about it. They can only limit violence within acceptable social standards, because peace is a state of consciousness – not politics.

Peace is an inner state that can only be reflected outwardly. Therefore, true peace in the world is the collective inner peace of individuals, not the so called political peace of nations. Outer peace is a reflection of individual peace. Our common, global bond is that, regardless of creed, color, sex, religion, social status or national heritage, we all face the same inner search for peace. One of my favorite songs is Imagine by John Lennon.

“Imagine there’s no countries,

It isn’t hard too. Nothing to kill or die for

And no religion too.

Imagine all the people Living life in peace.”

“We actually live today in our dreams of yesterday and living those dreams, we dream again,” according to Charles Lindbergh; which is but saying that imagination is in many ways more important that knowledge when it comes to the innocence and intuition necessary in experiencing peace.

The world’s people are making their needs and values known as never before. They are pouring into the streets and sometimes staying there until they are heard. They are exchanging ideas, giving support to systematic transformation, sharing organizing models and getting to know each other at ever accelerating rates of connectivity.

A sleeping giant is awakening in the masses of humanity. Today’s peace movement has a new imperative to mirror the change it is looking for in the world and to not wait for others to deliver it.“Be the change” has become a central motif of the emerging initiative because evolution now requires a transformation of inner consciousness matched with a capacity to reach measurable social goals. Daunting political challenges will never be solved at the level of the challenges. We have begun to see that we cannot address the problem of violent aggression without changing fundamental beliefs and addressing the cultural and structural underpinnings of violence.

You are invited to become a peace- maker for the 21st century – a peace ambassador. Join us at our Sunday service at 10am. The lesson title is “Be a 21st Century Peace Ambassador, The World Needs You.” For questions or comments please connect with me on Twitter @RevCharles7.

Rev. Charles Taylor is the Senior Minister at the Universal Truth Center, 21310 NW 37th Ave, Miami Gardens. He may be reached at 305-624-4991