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This time of year is very significant for me because it is usually around the time of year when I start shedding. Shedding meaning preparing for growth by breaking up with behaviors, assignments, strategies and in some cases people.

I have learned in my almost seven years of entrepreneurship that growth requires reflection and change. What I’m really saying is that BOSS women really have to make some tough decisions.

It’s easy to make a decision when there is a clear right vs. wrong scenario. However, decision-making becomes more difficult when you have to make right vs. right decisions.

These are the decisions in which you have to choose what is right for you vs. what is fair to someone else. In many cases these decisions are tough.

For example, when you have to walk away from a marriage because your needs have never been met; fire an underperforming employee that you have a close personal relationship with; walk away from a business partnership that is draining and one-sided; or ditch your current mastermind group because you need to surround yourself with people who will push you further in your area of need – these decisions are never easy.

In any case, it would be nice and loyal to hang in there for the other party, but you have to HONOR YOURSELF too! There is a strategy for making Right vs. Right decisions according to the Harvard Business Journal.

The questions that you should ask yourself when you’re making difficult decisions are:

1. What action allows me to do the most good with the least amount of harm? In most cases this can be concluded by making a list of everyone that the decision will affect along with everything they could lose or gain as a result of the decision.

2. Identify who has rights in the situation that cannot be violated.

3. What message do you want to send about what you and your business stand for as a result of this decision?

4. What’s the best response to this situation in the world as it is? This means that based on the worldview and systems of today, which response is better?

As a BOSS woman, tough decisions require a level head and a close look at the facts. You must understand that how you make tough decisions allow people an inside view of who you really are, how much they can trust you and also how to do business or handle you going forward.

So, asking yourself all four questions (the system does not have the same effect when all four are not included) is necessary to help make tough (right vs. right) decisions.

The final step is to test your decision by asking:

1 Would this decision work if it was frontpage news tomorrow?

2 If my children were the ones being affected, is this the way that I would want them to be treated?

3 From a long-term prospective, am I handling this issue correctly?

Ask yourself the tough questions to make these tough decisions – and most importantly, pray for direction so God can lead you to do what honors Him most.

Please Note: This article has been slightly edited for brevity and clarity.

Tiona K. Blyden is a wife, mom of four, author and entrepreneur who believes that women were born to do more than take care of their husbands and have children. Through her programs and teachings she shows women with many responsibilities how to follow their dreams while taking great care of their households and families. Blyden’s signature program, The Proverbs 31 BOSS Academy, is a powerful entrepreneurial training, household management and self-discipline program for entrepreneurs who want to transform their big dreams into profitable businesses, God’s way.

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