Tiona K. Blyden


Courtesy of Proverbs 31 Boss Academy

Happy Thursday! Can you believe that October is almost over? I mean … I went to Target the other day and saw Christmas decorations and I got to thinking … this year is really almost over. As usual when things seem to be coming to an end for me, I start reflecting … What have I achieved? What is still left to be done? What could I have done differently? Have you been having these thoughts?

This reflecting helped me identify three things that stood in my way this year (and maybe yours too … don’t be ashamed):

1. Lack of planning – I spent this ENTIRE YEAR focusing on creating The Proverbs 31 BOSS Planner and I was not as intentional about my own goals. Basically I spent so much time creating my planner that I wasn’t able to achieve as many of my goals without using a planner. Luckily, next year I am set because The Proverbs 31 BOSS Planner is the only planner with a vision board, daily prayers, a gratitude journal and tools to help me keep up with my business, marriage and personal responsibilities at home.

2. Failure to Surrender – When you know what God promised you, it is often difficult to avoid trying to make that thing happen for yourself. God gave you a vision and showed you the destination, but in your frustration and impatience you tried to make it happen for yourself; like Abraham and Sarah, who God told that they would have a child at 90+ years of age, but in their frustration Abraham had a child with Sarah’s maidservant.

At first, the child appeared as a complete blessing until Sarah began to feel insecure and as less than a woman. It happens like that for us too. When God shows us something, we have to fully surrender the outcome to Him. If not, we’ll end up making a mess on our own. There were some things that took me a while to surrender earlier this year … mainly business strategy.

3. Being blindsided by the tests – We can be as wonderful as we want to be, but the promise does not come without a test (see Jeremiah 17:10 and Psalm 105:19).

You may see the testing as an attack, a sign that you shouldn’t go forward or start rebuking the enemy, but tests are from God (tempting is from the enemy though). Waiting, delay, persecution and challenges can all be a part of God’s way of testing your character so expect tests in this next season. They go hand-in-hand with the promise.

Fast-forward to NOW. After I use the Proverbs 31 BOSS Planner inserts daily, have surrendered every area of my life to God and am armored up for the tests, business, marriage and my home life have a new flow. I’m at peace because I’m resting in the palm of His hands.

If you have not met your business goals this year and need resources and accountability for planning, total surrender and armoring up to pass the inevitable tests, I want to offer you a free 30-Minute Breakthrough Session with me. It will cost you nothing but time, but it will change your prospective.

Tiona K. Blyden is a wife, mom of four, author and entrepreneur who believes that women were born to do more than take care of their husbands and have children.

Through her programs and teachings she shows women with many responsibilities how to follow their dreams while taking great care of their households and families. Blyden’s signature program, The Proverbs 31 BOSS Academy, is a powerful entrepreneurial training, household management and self-discipline program for entrepreneurs who want to transform their big dreams into profitable businesses, God’s way. To learn more about Blyden and her Proverbs 31 Boss System, visit www.proverbs31boss.com.