So if you think that the presidential election was over on November 8th, you’re sadly mistaken. It’s only over if Democrats win. Little known Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, called for a recount.

A blind man can tell this is not for her win – she didn’t get enough votes to win dog- catcher, but she raised more money in a week for this recount than she did in two years for her own campaign. The money came from – yes, you guessed it – deep pocket Democrat donors because Liberals can’t stand that Donald Trump won and their darling Hillary lost.

So they’re trying every trick in the book to overturn this election. Same thing they did in 2000 when Al Gore couldn’t stand being beaten by George W. Bush. They lost the re- count of the recount as they will for this re- count.

And what reason are they using for not wanting to “normalize” President-Elect Trump? They are claiming that Trump (just like every other Republican) is a racist. Add to that a homophobe (because he believes in traditional marriage), a sexist and misogynist (because he said sexual things about women), a bigot (because he wants to send illegal immigrants, especially gangsters, back and finally, stop immigrants from Muslim countries until he can properly vet them).

So let’s look at who the real bigots are. Hillary and Democrats charge that President-Elect Trump is racist against African- Americans. But Candidate Trump reached out to the Black community and offered to do more for us than Democrats have done over the past 50 years. How is that racist? Let me give real examples of bigotry. During the 2008 campaign, Obama’s campaign manager tagged Bill and Hillary Clinton as racists because they called Obama’s campaign a “fairy tale.” So when Congressman Alcee Hastings supported Hillary against Obama, he was excoriated by people who thought black folk should only support the black man. Now that’s racist. What’s so funny is that all these folk now were warned by Obama to support Hillary for POTUS.

And how many times have I had black Christians tell me how they “hate” Republicans? I left the Democratic Party just over 20 years ago and I have yet to hear “I hate Democrats” from Republicans.

What’s really funny is that for 50 years I’ve heard Democrats say how racist Republicans are and how they hate black folk. Yet I have never heard any of the Republicans talk about hating black folk, even when they don’t think I’m listening. Yet liberals, black and white, constantly call us black Conservatives ugly names, to our faces and behind our backs.

The bigotry goes deep. Last week I made a presentation to the Senior Saints Ministry of my church, all of whom complimented me. That is, until they discovered I voted for Trump. Then they couldn’t get away from me fast enough.

And then there’s major Democratic donor Benjamin Barber, who compared those of us who vote Republican as being like Jews who helped the Nazis murder Jews and said we “were seriously f***ed in the head”.

But you must see this video of a black mother kicking her young son out of the house because he voted for Donald Trump during school election. It’s absolutely heart- breaking. I even read where Bob Johnson, Founder of BET (Black Entertainment Television) and Founder of RLJ Companies, is getting flack for having positive words for President-Elect Trump after meeting with him. Johnson has known Trump for a number of years and has great respect for him.

In the interview of Bob Johnson on CNBC he urged the Black community to give Trump a chance. He said “we should not lock ourselves into one party or the other.” He quoted Congressman Bill “Lacy” Clay, one of the founders of the Congressional Black Caucus, who said, “Black Americans should have no permanent friends and no permanent enemies, just permanent interests.”

President-Elect Donald Trump has reached out to Black Americans and to rebuke him by labeling him a racist, without any proof, is in itself bigotry.

And to move for a recount, without any proof of voting irregularities causing a Trump win and a Hillary loss, is in itself bigotry, or worse, a scam by scam artists, to fill their coffers with millions of dollars.

Finally, Hillary Clinton complained during the election that if Donald Trump did not accept the election results, he was unAmerican. Now Hillary has joined Jill Stein in demanding a recount. So who’s scamming who?