JOhn Dudley FCThe father of Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz said, “Black people need to be educated about Democrats so that they will vote Republican” while speaking to the Western Williamson Republican Club at the August 21, 2014 meeting. He added, “The average black does not understand the minimum wage is bad.”

Blacks didn’t ask Cuban Rafael Bienvenido Cruz for his advice. It’s a mystery as to why the subject of ‘blacks’ is so important to him. He joins other Republican racist who continue to insult African Americans by suggesting that they are dumb and uneducated which is why they vote for the Democratic Party. Rafael and other Republicans assume that blacks don’t care about the issues. And, there are several important issues like jobs, education, housing, voting rights and health care.

For once, African Americans would love to see a policy proposal from Republicans that benefit blacks and America as a whole. Instead, blacks hear that if they were smart, they would vote Republican. No one votes for a political party that insults them. Instead, what African Americans hear from the Elder Reverend Cruz is pure racial hatred

Rev. Cruz is certainly not an expert on black people nor is he an expert on labor markets, the minimum wage or education. He is, however, by his own admission, a traitor, a deserter and deadbeat father.

Rafael Bienvenido Cruz was born in 1939 in Matanzas, Cuba. He is the son of a RCA salesman and an elementary-
school teacher. As a teenager, he fought against his own government which was led by Fulgencio
Batista. He joined former dictator Fidel Castro’s guerrilla groups which eventually overthrew Batista.

And of course, before the final battle was won he deserted Castro’s guerillas and fled to the United States in 1957 after a family friend bribed a Cuban immigration official. He studied mathematics and chemical engineering at the University of Texas and graduated in 1961.

Rafael Cruz later married and had two daughters. He worked in the energy industry. His marriage ended after a few years so he left his family and moved to New Orleans where he met his second wife, Eleanor Darragh. They married and moved to Calgary, Alberta, Canada in the late 1970’s and had their first and only child, current Texas Senator Rafael Edward Cruz.

Cruz and his family later came back to Texas where he eventually became a U.S. citizen in 2005. Also while back in Texas he became a born-again Christian and a Reverend leaving his days as a Roman Catholic behind.

Today, the 74 year old does several speaking engagements. His disparaging comments about blacks made every major publication and website. Blacks are still puzzled as to why anyone is listening to Rev. Cruz. It is safe to assume that he echoes the thoughts of the Republican Party about African Americans.

Nevertheless, Rev. Cruz should stick to the things he knows and not say demeaning things about any racial group. With his background, who’s listening anyway?

John Dudley is a freelance writer living in Miami Beach. He may be reached at