So Saturday, after the inauguration, as pastors, priests and rabbis from various different religious denominations prayed for our newly-elected POTUS, Donald J. Trump, leftists at the Women’s March were demonizing him to an extent never seen before.

The one I was the most appalled at was Madonna, who spewed so many f-bombs you would have thought she was cutting a gangsta rap video. “F*** you!!! F*** you!!!” rolled off her tongue too easy in spite of the fact there were children in the group.

But then she told the world that she had thought of “bombing the White House” with President Trump in it. What? Seriously? If anyone had said that when Obama was elected, they would have immediately been trampled by the Secret Service, the FBI and all the 15 intelligence agencies and thrown into Gitmo.

But this was Madonna who, along with Gloria Steinem and all the other women and men of the Democratic Party (reportedly more than three million), constantly exclaim that they are the good guys and that the Republicans are the racists, the bigots, the homophobes, the misogynists, etc. So it’s all right to threaten to bomb Trump, while singing love songs to Obama on SNL – because they are the good guys.

On Friday during the inauguration, there were dozens of leftists/anarchists burning cars and garbage cans, throwing missiles into windows – smashing glass and stealing stuff. Hollywood celebrities, who threatened to leave the country if Trump won, were busy making ugly comments about the new POTUS.

It is reported that George Soros financed more than 50 of the organizations participating in these marches in several different states. There were also marches in several different countries across the globe and the organizers threatened to keep up these protests in order to keep from “normalizing” Trump’s presidency.

How long they will do this no one knows. We just know that these liberals have tried everything they can to stop Trump from becoming POTUS and they are not through yet.

First they tried to stop him by getting the Electoral College members to change their vote to deny Trump the presidency. Then when that didn’t work, almost 70 Democratic members of Congress boycotted the inauguration. That was just tacky and sleazy.

Oh, let’s not forget the sleazy commercials that Hollywood elites made. Now the constant theme from the liberal main stream media is that at every instance they will downplay Trump’s win. The media even tried to underplay the crowd at the inauguration, comparing Trump’s crowd to Obama’s crowd, showing large empty spaces on the Mall.

That wasn’t enough. The media tried to start a race war by lying on Trump saying he removed the bust of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Oh dear Lord – Give me a break!!! Of course, the MLK bust was where it always was in the White House.

Then over the weekend, there were so many people protesting, that “the smooth transition of power” became a joke. This was not the first time the losing party could not accept the loss with dignity. They also challenged George W. Bush’s win.

That’s why Madonna thought she could drop F-bombs with impunity, even with members of Congress, mothers and children present. Then when she got push-back (which she didn’t think she would get), she lamely retorted that she was “taken out of context.” Again – I call BS!!! These are the REAL deplorables. These are the REAL bigots. These are the petty people. And have been for a long, long time. But they have been used to throwing bombs at Republicans without hesitation, because there has been no push-back.

But President Donald J. Trump is pushing back. And conservatives love it. We have been waiting for Republicans to fight back for a long time, but they have been too afraid.

Even when Obama laughed at Mitt Romney for saying that Russia was America’s #1 geo-political foe, Romney went silent. Romney was right; Obama was wrong; but the press excoriated Romney.

Trump has a secret weapon – called Twitter. And he uses it ad infinitum. While so many of his critics have a fit when he tweets, I say: Tweet On, Mr. President! Tweet On!!!