Whether you dote on “the Donald” or rail at his con, one thing is certain: Your eyes are not on the prize. What was called America – the Chevrolet, Apple Pie, and Democracy – especially for our over-forty crowd is long gone. What we have now is two fractured mainline political so-called “parties” that struggle for their opportunity to gore America’s nonrich in dissimilar ways.

American plutocrats, through their extensive lobbying machine, are insuring that future congresspersons are all representatives of wealth, because they all will be wealthy people. Congress has not had a raise in a decade. More than 60 Congressmen sleep in their offices because Washington, DC area rents are extremely high. A trickle will soon turn into a deluge of these civil servants leaving for other pursuits.

“Socialistic Capitalism” (SC) has always been in play at the top end of America’s hierarchical society, by plutocrats and oligarchs. America’s father, President George Washington, had a net worth of $525 million – that’s in 1789 dollars folks; you know Washington had more than 300 African slaves, to which he was said to be particularly mean, right?

Democracy and human rights have been scaled by class since America’s inception. If you were white and owned property (including slaves, of course) you could vote – but not your wife nor any other woman could vote. During slavery and since, it’s been incredibly difficult for black people to receive justice regarding accusations by or about rich to poor white people, including vagrants.

Those that live the SC life enjoy a sharing of wealth and exclusive interaction and they call that democracy, because they are absolutely democratic within their vaunted realm of America’s hierarchy. Various levels of the American middle class are people that aspire to get as close to SC while they roil at foreign countries whose practices are similar, but are not called “a democratic republic.”

Unfortunately, black America appears to not understand that what glues America’s hierarchy is almost universal belief that God gave this land to white people from Europe! Not many white people can be found who would not put their life on the line for that cause. There, then, is the nexus of white nationalism. It is historical, some would say “racist,” and it is incredibly dangerous for our planet Earth.

American political behavior is grounded in hate and our country’s economic thrust is militaristic. Hate is transcribed as superiority. So, what white people say to Earth’s human majority is, in non-diplomatic language, “do what I say or be destroyed.” Years ago, the Harlem street-speaking Garveyites preached about “The three Ms of imperialism – the missionary, mercenary and the military.”

As economic interests take us perilously toward World War III, American political behavior, both internally and worldwide, is becoming increasingly isolationist. White nationalism at home is tragically eroding an already fragile social fabric, while boast and bombast shrink respect and camaraderie abroad. Shockingly, African Americans show no visible signs of solidifying economic/political interests as a group dynamic.

Black America’s continued illusion about justice, parity and democracy has become extremely dangerous. A belief system of any kind not washed in truth can lead only to doom. Black America, have no illusion about American political behavior. Please!

Just imagine a White House, Congress and a Supreme Court full of plutocrats and oligarchs as a democracy that you have to live in. Such a conglomeration would bring rapid chaos and decay through unbridled greed, violence and dissolution. There is no telling how extensive America’s external situation could be changed by what our outside world would obviously call fascism.

SC is fascistic, that is why all Americans have to buy in not to let plutocracy replace democracy, however much it is believed to be merely a notion. The white founding fathers of what became America, may or may not have seen far in the future what democracy would grow to mean, but accidently or otherwise, they unleashed a force to be reckoned with throughout the world.