For over 20 years, I have attempted to open the eyes of intelligent, successful black folk, established “African Americans” (Americanborn, African-born, Caribbean-born, etc.) all who have reached the pinnacle of success in their various fields of endeavor.

I say attempted, because each time I walk away from a political discussion with my “brothers and sisters,” I feel as if I have been talking to walls.

I often tell the story of the minor success I had when I asked my youngest daughter to proofread one of my articles. She said, “Momma, you can’t say that.” I told her to do the research and she would discover I was telling the truth. She was so shocked upon learning that my position on how the Democratic Party controlled the black community was actually an accurate one.

She began to continue to read my articles and eventually changed her registration to Republican. But when she went to share her newfound knowledge with her friends, she was shocked even more at their change of attitude towards her and how they lashed out at her in their refusal to accept the truth. So she chose to never discuss politics with them again.

I find it so amazing that most folk have accepted the negative propaganda against Republicans with absolutely no evidence to support their opinion – much like this “witchhunt” against POTUS (Donald Trump) with this so-called “Russian Collusion.”

The Left has determined that Trump is an illegitimate president and they want to discredit his every move in order to get rid of him, pure and simple. For decades, they have, through the mainstream media (MSM), promoted the idea that the Republicans are racists, misogynists, homophobes, xenophobes, sexists and just plain mean people who hate the elderly and young alike and now Donald Trump is the epitome of this hate.

Each election season these characterizations of Republicans emerge. They did for George W. Bush as well as for Mitt Romney. And candidates in local, state and federal levels all get painted with that same broad brush.

But I have never seen such vitriol as there is against Trump. There were protest marches before and after the inauguration and over seven months after Trump took office, liberals are still marching and spewing hatred toward him. They are determined to make him a traitor to this country and a puppet of the dreaded Russian empire.

Billionaire Liberal elites even organized protests in Germany at the G20 Summit where anarchists put over 100 police in the hospital and started fires in the middle of the street, burning cars and other flammable items, creating havoc wherever they went.

Even NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio flew to Germany to address a G20 protest event and slammed his own president while he was there. What makes this even worse, it was one day after one of NY’s finest, Officer Miosotis Familia was assassinated in an unprovoked attack in the Bronx by a crazed madman with an unrelenting hatred for cops.

While the NYPD, her family and friends mourned this beautiful and caring mother of three who also cared for her own sick and dying mother, de Blasio was jetting to Germany to spew his well-known hatred against the police. Then he had the nerve to come back in time to show his face at her wake and in front of the cameras.

By the way, Officer Familia was black. The treatment of Familia by de Blasio is the same as the treatment of all Black Folk by Liberals in this country. As long as they stay in their place, Liberals pretend they love them/us. But have no time for those of us who leave the plantation and become registered Republicans. Just ask Dr. Ben Carson, Donald Trump’s Secretary of HUD.

When we don’t march or think in lock step with Liberals, we become targets, especially by other Blacks. Congresswoman Maxine Waters, well-known for her animus towards Trump, called Dr. Carson everything but a child of God and has threatened to “take his ass apart” when he testifies before the House Committee on Financial Services, on which she is the ranking member.

Like Maxine Waters, Black elected officials across this country see their jobs as not to represent their constituents, but to keep Blacks Folk stuck on the Democratic Plantation – a one-party community in a two-party system.