So the hunt for Red October is really on!

Most Millennials won’t know what “The Hunt for Red October” means. But it is an Academy award-winning spy thriller and espionage movie released in 1990 which shows what happens when U.S. government officials misread what they think is a Russian strike against the United States.

Fast forward to today and in spite of a pitiful lack of evidence, both Houses of Congress and the FBI are holding investigations into what they have alleged is Russia’s interference in our recent presidential election.

“This is happening because the Liberal Left is determined to prove that Trump did not really defeat Hillary Clinton on November 8, 2016, but Russian President Vladimir Putin instead stole the election because he wanted Donald Trump to win.”

This is happening because the Liberal Left is determined to prove that Trump did not really defeat Hillary Clinton on November 8, 2016, but Russian President Vladimir Putin instead stole the election because he wanted Donald Trump to win.

They cannot believe they lost even after their darling, Barack Obama, traversed the country campaigning to keep Democrats in power. Hillary was supposed to win and the Democrats were supposed to be in total control of this country by now.

Instead, the Republicans are in charge of the House, the Senate and the White House.

Who knew?

So they hate Donald Trump, who they refuse to accept as POTUS. They have even had protests and rallies projecting the mantra “Not My President.”

I have heard more disrespectful names and adjectives hurled at this president than any I’ve ever heard: how about “Orange Orangutan,” “Crazy Orange Clown,” “Spawn of the Devil,” “Lying P.O.S,” or “President Agent Orange.” And these are just a few.

It’s amazing to me that most of the people I’ve heard calling President Trump ugly names are people of color who would become really incensed when they heard just one person say something negative about President Obama.

It is entirely hypocritical. Dr. Martin Luther King died for the right for us to be treated as equals and stop being called ugly names. So let’s analyze what these people are saying.

Orange – coming from people who have been insulted and disrespected because of the color of their skin.

Crazy – for the person who has taken a company and made billions of dollars while employing millions of people and feeding millions of families.

Clown, orangutan and other names which demean and are meant to be insulting by the same people who will march and protest when they or someone who looks like them are insulted.

But let’s return to the real theme that the Russians helped Trump steal the election from Hillary and the real reason these names are being thrown around along with the fact that the mainstream media is obsessed with investigating this fake news.

Both the House and Senate intelligence committees are investigating Russia’s socalled interference (with absolutely no evidence).

But you know what the evidence does show? – That Obama’s National Security Adviser Susan Rice “unmasked” former Lt. General Michael Flynn and possibly other members of Trump’s campaign team during the electronic spying of Russia – and then lied about it. (Remember President Trump said he and his staff were being “bugged”?)

The evidence also shows that it was President Obama who had a secret relationship with Russia and who was caught on an open mic in March 2012 telling outgoing Russian president Dmetry Medvedev to give him “space” re: the U.S. missile defense system targeting Russia – saying “This is my last election…After my election, I will have more flexibility.” And Medvedev responded that he would “transmit this information to Vladimir” (Putin), the incoming Russian president…according to Reuters and shown on You Tube.

Funny, neither liberals nor the mainstream media complained about Obama’s relationship with Russia like they complain about Trump and Russia.

More damaging is the evidence that as President Obama was trying to “reset” relations with Russia, a deal was made that included former President Bill Clinton, the Russians and Canada (while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State) that enriched the Clinton Foundation by at least $31.3 million, the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative by $100 million, gave a $500,000 speaking fee to Bill Clinton and “the Russians control of one-fifth of the uranium production capacity in the United States.” (The New York Times, April 23, 2015)

So any so-called “evidence of collusion” by Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin is overshadowed by the relationship between Russia and the U.S. prior to Trump even becoming POTUS.

The Russians ain’t coming people; they are already here – thanks to the Clintons and Obama.

So liberals need to stop their witch-hunt. Trump IS your president, like it or not! Get used to it.