The great poet Kahlil Gibran wrote, “The true light is that which emanates from within man,” which is a simple, profound truth. America’s historical problem has been an inability of its people to tell themselves the truth about themselves. American leaders have always touted this republic as a democracy. The great lie is that from its beginning, America’s European founders envisioned this part of the world as a democracy all right, but only for Europeans.

So it is consistent that America’s slave- holding fourth president, James Madison (Democratic-Republican 1809-1817), had previously authored in the Constitution (1787) that all Africans be accorded the status of part property and part human being. Thirteen of the first fifteen presidents were staunch advocates of slavery. Only John Adams and John Quincy Adams were against it. Many others were owners of African slaves, including America’s first president, George Washington and third president, Thomas Jefferson.

(Teach your children the truth at home and in the church, and make the school system teach true history.) Through slavery, Reconstruction, sharecropping, the Black Codes, Jim Crow, segregation and other forms of discrimination, black people “keep the faith” by ignoring the truth about the nature of white people as a group. White nationalism is a group survival mechanism.

For centuries Europeans have known that they (so-called white people) are the minority in the world. They also know that they reproduce at an alarmingly slower rate than other human groups, and significant numbers of them fear genetic annihilation (read The Isis Papers, the book by Frances Cress Welsing, M.D.). This fear of eventual total disappearance is what has driven Europeans to mate with all other human groups on planet Earth.

However, huge sums of money are being invested in what the August 2016 issue of National Geographic magazine’s cover story calls “The DNA Revolution, with new gene-editing techniques, we can transform life – but should we?” Scientists now know how to edit a human embryo! According to National Geographic here is what’s happening:

“Cells that contain genetic material that can be inherited by the next generation – either to correct a genetic flaw or to enhance a desired trait, the change would then pass to that person’s children, and their children, in perpetuity. The full implications of changes that profound are difficult, if not impossible, to foresee.” The question out there now, at least among some scientists, is whether society wants this or not? The money is already on it.

Here’s another truth. What happened to the Hillary gang is a result of liberal white nationalistic arrogance and stupidity. If the Hillary camp set-up in other main black thoroughfares with white crews from around the country as they did in Fort Lauderdale, they probably also lost those states to Trump. The Clintons actually believed that they controlled the black vote. Apparently they reasoned that black people had no reason to stay home or vote for Trump (Twelve percent of the black vote went to Trump.)

And the truth going forward is this: The bankrupt Democratic Party is no longer a haven for black politicos, including do nothing elected officials, civil rights hustlers, preachers and poverty program pimps. The end may have come for influential blacks to basically order regular black voters to “vote Democrat all the way.” Taking the black vote for granted is definitely slipping away from Democratic Party handlers.

Black Republicans play politics just like their Democratic counterparts – hat in hand, looking for some crumbs to fall their way. They, too, organize nothing, infiltrate no meaningful political settings and are sure to shut the door behind themselves if they do get a crumb, just so they won’t have to share the crumb or the contact.

The sad truth about America is that most white people hate or dislike black people, and unless President Donald Trump is very careful, hate can boil over and burn the United States of America from within.

When white nationalism peaks to mass violence in America, World War 111 is on. In the long run, white nationalism cannot win.