One of the best things that African Americans can do in 2018 is to come together, especially at the ballot box.

The so-called conservative political base of white supremacists, white nationalists, klansmen, skinheads and neo-Nazis will undoubtedly be beaten like a drum in 2018 elections if black men come together and join black women at America’s polling places in 2018 local, state and federal elections.

Don’t listen to the false political prophets on social media, ignore the modern day Uncle Toms, Sambos and Aunt Jemimas on morning radio talk shows and network TV news shows and reject the backward and wrongful sermons of bootlicking religious leaders who suggest that God in the sky will take care of everything on earth.

The God in you is the same God that was in all saviors and messiahs and God will help black people more when they stand up and help themselves.

Yes, the black vote is powerful.

Every election year The Gantt Report tells you that all voting groups, except yours, are divided! Blacks living in cities, counties and states that have at least 25 percent of the registered voters can decide almost every election on the local and state level and can be influential in every other election when there is black political unity.

There will be more black candidates in 2018 seeking offices across the country.

We need more black candidates to hire and contract more black political professionals.

The idea that African Americans are qualified to do good jobs as public servants and elected officials but black political professionals, black strategic consultants, black media producers, black printers, black pollsters, black direct mailers and other black businesses and political vendors are incompetent is an idea that must be discontinued, discredited and abandoned.

Black candidates must reject advice from white consultants that encourage black candidates to spend all of their media money on white media.

Every black political candidate should buy advertising in black newspapers, in black magazines and with black TV and radio broadcasting companies!

Black voters, stop voting for candidates just because they have black skin. If you can’t support a black political agenda that includes black business development and contracting opportunities, affordable health care, affordable housing, safer black neighborhoods, equal rights and justice or better funding for black educational institutions, black people should vote against you no matter what your skin color is.

Black people must know the difference between good black candidates and modern-day neo-colonialists who are puppets of exploiters and oppressors that are merely dipped in chocolate, so to speak.

Pan-Africans and black nationalists, tell your people to unite and vote in 2018; preachers, tell your congregation members to get on the church buses and go to the polls; Minister Farrakhan, encourage the members of the Nation of Islam and all black Muslims to cast their ballots; Babalows, insist that all Yorubas, Santeros and other followers join their brothers and sisters on Election Day; drug dealers, tell your customers to put down the needles and crack pipes to get registered and go and cast their votes in 2018; thugs, gang bangers and HOs, you all need to exercise your rights to vote.

In fact, Native Americans, Hispanics and all other people of color should join African-American women and men and vote all political devils out of office in 2018.

If you have a friend or family member who is not registered to vote, I urge you to get them registered.

The 2018 elections will be important but the 2020 elections will be even more crucial. If progressives win in 2020, good elected officials can un-gerrymander all of the seats that Republicans changed that were designed to limit the chances of blacks and progressives to win state and federal political seats.

Please, join The Gantt Report and join black female voters and let’s turn out to vote in 2018 more than we ever voted before.

Respect the black vote, respect the grassroot political organizers, respect black media owners and respect black political professionals and political vendors in the 2018 political campaigns.