Rents in the American fabric have become full blown tears, and now mainly two large sides of what’s left of this country hold their remnants and are all but at the ramparts raring to destroy one another. The American people have almost arrived at the final phase of their revolution. It is inevitable; indelibly stamped by the nation’s pernicious beginning. And Trumpism is America’s denouement.

Kavanaugh is but America’s latest debacle by his very pick for the Supreme Court, a consistency of the far right masquerading as the Republican Party. Trump’s takeover of the party of Lincoln has not only altered America within – now a faux democracy – but also changed how most of the world perceives our nation as led by a big bully.
Moreover, Trump’s questionable ties to despots including Putin of Russia, Kim Jong-un of North Korea, and Recep T. Erdogan of Turkey are scary.

Were not Kavanaugh an ideologue of the far right he would not have been short listed and then chosen to give the far right complete mastery of American governance by controlling the entire government – the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court. Along with control of so many state legislatures, the far right will be set to implement fascism American-style which will be “the new democracy.”

Black Republicans will get nothing because their loyalty is not to the far right which is totally white nationalist, which means white supremacist. If the nearly 70 thousand registered black Republicans in Florida vote for the Republican ticket, they get nothing in return because the far right controls the Party in Florida and throughout the nation.

If Democrats and Independents elect Andrew Gillum Florida’s first black Governor in November, but allow Scott to join Rubio as the state’s two ultra-conservative United States Senators and maintain white nationalist control of Florida’s state legislature, the gain will be historic, but moot, at best. Senator Bill Nelson, hanging onto Gillum’s coattails, has to stop Rick Scott and Trump. And then those coalitions must not only stay together beyond November 2018, but grow to be effective in the 2020 national election.

A glaring anomaly, so bright that it may be blinding, is the seeming abject absence of our over 10 thousand black elected officials, at almost every level, across the length and breadth of America. Where are they hiding and why? With the perennial exception of warrior congresswoman, Maxine Waters of California who wants president Donald Trump impeached, little else meaningful has come forth from black politicos.

The insistence of us black Americans to focus on Kavanaugh and the Supreme Court is, perhaps, a knee jerk reaction. We consider ourselves an integral aspect of Americana, and react to even our exclusions as though they don’t exist – a psychological manifestation of classical conditioning born of the Trans-Atlantic African Slave Trade.

We therefore react as though “democracy” has been given to us when, in stark reality, it has been systematically denied, especially through the lawlessness of “a nation of laws.” Lest you have forgotten, it was the 1954 Supreme Court decision in Brown Vs Board of Education, Topeka, Kansas that supposedly ended segregation of public schools. That was 64 years ago! How and why has the Supreme Court allowed the negation of that decision?

White supremacy is the right answer. It historically pervades both the Democratic and Republican political parties to this very day. Black people must begin to react to this, for many, painful reality with clear minds. We can no longer operate politically without reacting positively to reality. That alone will frame our action and we will be the ideologues of no other groups.

If black people coalesce to rid America of this present regime of overt white supremacy, be careful to cut a good deal for black folks from the cunning liberal white nationalists of the center and the left. Remember, liberals bought off black leadership and implemented housing and welfare programs for black women and children, so long as they had no man in the house. At the same time black male unemployment was at an all time high and black male incarceration rose dramatically.

It was a pogrom (“an organized massacre”); it was social genocide, perpetrated by your “friends.” NEVER FORGET!