I told you what would happen and you knew this but the political party and political candidates that you love were absolutely clueless! The election of Donald Trump as President of the United States was the result of Black imagery.

The translation of “Make America Great Again” is, for all practical and political purposes, make America white again! Donald Trump focused on what he knew would resound with white voters, change, job loss, corruption and white nationalism or anti-globalization.

But the big thing Trump did was tie Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama. He didn’t dwell on Hillary “policies”, everything was Obama’s and Clinton’s policies. He tied Hillary Clinton to Obamacare, immigration, Muslim refugees, failed war strategies and everything else that was wrongfully and negatively attached to President Obama.

Trump had his strategy and he stuck to it! He made white voters think that voting for Hillary Clinton was akin to voting for Barack Obama.

Yes, Americans will be sorry they voted the way they voted just like English citizens had immediate remorse about voting for Brexit.

It is always all about the money. Blacks were told it was about Democrats.

When stock prices drop, retirement plans lose value, wars and rumors of wars increase and worldwide American hate increases beyond measure, voters will be sorry they voted for who they voted for.

The corrupt political system you know is always better than the far more corrupt political system that you don’t know.

Donald Trump’s win is the fault of Blacks. The leaders that you love should have told you that Bernie Sanders would have beaten Trump by a landslide! Again, only Blacks voted Democratic as a block. Latinos, women and everybody else voted for both Democrats and Republicans, everyone but you.

The head of the national Democratic Party is President Barack Obama and the person in charge of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is an African American woman, Donna Brazile.

They both agreed to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to pay white consultants, white strategist and white political vendors to regurgitate failed political campaign techniques that haven’t worked since the 1950s.

The two of them agreed, by design or coincidence, to take Blacks for granted and to take organized labor for granted and to completely ignore Hispanic and Latino culture and reality.

The majority of Blacks voted for the party that they always vote for but, as always, they had no campaign demands or future Presidential demands.

They trusted the devils, the Democratic Devils and the Republican devils.

When Blacks should have trusted each other, believed in each other and supported each other they decided to just vote Democratic. They didn’t have a Black political agenda, a Black political platform or a Black political wish list! Black voters were not the only Democratic supporters that were taken for granted. Organized laborers took a hit too when labor leaders decided to become political puppets too.

You see, labor leadership supported and contributed member money to the Democrats and Hillary Clinton but members of organized labor voted for Trump! Can I prove it? Yes! Coal miners voted for Trump and so did law enforcers, fire fighters, auto makers, plumbers, electricians, and even school teachers voted for Trump! Hillary Clinton couldn’t even corral the white women’s vote!

None of the Black legislators, elected officials, radio and TV show hosts, athletes, entertainers and others you love that got close enough to Clinton to whisper in her ear asked her to spend some of her campaign money with Black media or Black political professionals that saw which way America’s conservative political winds were blowing and could have advised her how to change it.

African Americans are influenced by flowery speeches by politicians and preachers but other groups in America, businesses, workers, white women, the media, defense contractors, health care providers, bankers, insurers and everybody else in America is influenced by money or the purported lack thereof.

Well, Native Americans, get ready for more pipelines on sacred soil. Immigrants of all kinds, sizes and shapes and from all countries get ready for visa checks, green card checks and possible deportation, students, get ready for decreases in financial aid, sick people get ready for poorer and more costly health care because it is coming! And Blacks, get ready for stop and frisk and more law enforcement beat downs and mistreatment!

White nationalism won the election and in our case, the only way to deal with white nationalism is Black unity and Black Nationalism! What we need is Pan- Africanism! What we need is Black unity and Black leaders that have an international view and perspective.

We have been politically bamboozled once again. Set your mind to Africa! Politically speaking, Latino is the new Black. We once decided all close elections but from now and ever more, Latinos will decide close elections if Hispanics can unite themselves in the future. But, right now the Cubans, Mexicans, and other of Hispanic descent hate each other as much as we do.

I’m sorry the leaders that you love tricked you like a two dollar whore. The powers that be sold you a political house with a terrible foundation. Don’t take my word for it but millions of Democrats will change their voter registration to Republican in record numbers and all you will do is what you’re told to do!

We don’t have a political problem that money and wisdom can’t solve! Contact Lucius at