So this past Saturday, there were over 800 “March for Our Lives” events in this country as well as several in nations overseas, including Rome, Berlin and Tokyo, reported the New York Times.

Also reported was that an estimated 180,000 men, women and children attended the rally in Washington, D.C. and an estimated 150,000 marched in New York, where the rallying cry was “Enough is enough.”

These marches were supposedly started, planned, organized and executed by the survivors of the Valentine’s Day cold-blooded murders of 17 innocent students at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

When you see these high school kids in front of the TV cameras being interviewed by CNN and other news outlets, you see some well-rehearsed and outspoken students who are threatening politicians and condemning the NRA for the shootings at Parkland.

But pull back the curtain and you’ll see the adults behind this massive outpouring of anger at the NRA and politicians who are supposedly “owned” by the NRA. David Hogg, a 17 year old Senior at Stoneman Douglas H.S., has become the face of this “revolution,” but it’s been reported that his dad is either an active or former FBI agent and his mother has some connection to CNN.

Regardless of whom Hogg’s parents are, his AP United States Government and Politics teacher, Jeff Foster, has become one of the behind-the-scenes tutors for these well-spoken “future voters.” In interviews, Foster acknowledges that he was prompting the students during the CNN Town Hall on Violence days after the shooting.

Ironically, he was “teaching” his students on the power of the NRA as a lobbying group when the shooting started at Stoneman Douglas. He said he called one of the students the day after the shooting prompting her to speak to the news media.

Foster doesn’t just teach, he indoctrinates his students. He is a registered Republican who voted for Hillary and supports gay marriage, abortion and LBGTQ rights. His students are so articulate on camera that there have been complaints that they were “crisis actors.” He taught his students to challenge the NRA on the day they lost 17 of their fellow students, according to Jorge Rivas of Splinter News.

But there have also been several liberal organizations, including Planned Parenthood (which brags about the millions of babies they’ve murdered in the womb), which have pushed these kids with money, training, transportation, etc. They have raised over $3 million from their GoFundMe page.

Hogg started out as a warm individual who was hurting from the trauma of the murders. But just recently, he went on a tirade and dropped several F-bombs on national TV.

So I ask, where was all that anger when black kids lost their lives? That question was asked by a school board member who, as a principal, had to drop to the floor and have all his students do the same as bullets would fly by in a regular fashion as gang members, drug dealers, etc. shot up the neighborhood.

And since all the organizations behind this so-called “revolution” and the March for Our Lives have been eerily silent for all the deaths of black kids, usually by hand guns, the black community ought to think twice about getting involved.

In fact, a March 20, 2013 article in POLITISITE, entitled “Black History, the NRA and the Second Amendment,” shows: 1. that the NRA is the oldest civil rights organization in the country; 2. that gun control laws have a racist history; 3. The national spokesperson for the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) was featured in that article; and 4. In 1958 when Robert Williams and Dr. Albert Perry reopened a local chapter of the NAACP and the KKK began to traumatize them, Williams applied to the NRA and was granted a local chapter. It was named the Monroe NRA Rifle Club.

So, although Dr. Martin Luther King’s granddaughter was a speaker at the Washington, D.C. March for Our Lives event, as the Florida State Chair for CORE, I question why the black community should get involved in a “revolution” where the spokesman, David Hogg, says his “white privilege” allows him to threaten all politicians who don’t agree that the NRA believes in death to children.