The Republicans control most of the legislatures and governorships in the country, and they control both House in the Federal government, and the presidency. Does this mean that the Democrats don’t vote, or the Republicans are better organized?

Everyone in America knows that Republicans are conservatives, the majority of them are White, and America is the greatest country on the planet because of them.

This kind of thinking would indicate that “white is right” and our institutions and systems are the best in the world.

Bill O’Reilly is the epitome of White success and achievement, and his yearly compensation was $13 million from Fox, and other streams of income were in the millions. White America supports and worships his ideology of White supremacy and racism. He is a media icon, even though he was rude, sexist, racist and obnoxious.

According to Mike Ridmond, a reporter at The Daily Banter, “On April 1, The New York Times that Bill O’Reilly and 21st Century Fox, Fox news’ parent company, have paid out at least $13 million with five women reporting sexual harassment by O’Reilly.”

The first weird thing I noticed was that Mr. O’Reilly was still on television, and no one on Fox talked about this breaking news, and the accusations of Bill O’Reilly’s sexual harassment cases. This proved to me, that the people in power decide who is hired, and what they can say on their station.

After weeks of protest, and advertisers pulling their ads from the O’Reilly Factor, Rupert Murdock quietly fired Bill O’Reilly from Fox. Even though, the company’s culture allowed men in power to harass women in the workplace, O’Reilly’s lawyer claims that O’Reilly was a victim of a brutal campaign of character assassination.

Starting with President Trump, and many of O’Reilly’s business colleagues think he was mistreated and unfairly fired. Instead of acknowledging O’Reilly’s harassment of women for decades got him fired, many colleagues and President Trump said O’Reilly was a good man, who did not deserve to be fired.

Many argued that O’Reilly was an example of America’s greatness, but others argued that he was an example of the sickness that is prevalent in the country. There are records of O’Reilly beating his wife in front of their children, and treating other women with no respect.

Somewhere deep in the soul of conservatives and Republicans, they are fundamentally mean and cold, and they are only interested in money, control, and power.

Many political experts and Fox insiders say O’Reilly was fired, because this scandal could threaten and derail Murdoch’s bid to acquire all of the European pay-service, Sky-TV.

The people with money and power in America, plan to stay in control, and these people on top, only see themselves as winners. The men in power at Fox will not make any radical changes in terms of the treatment of women, because with money problems get fixed.

Republicans, conservatives, and Fox news have a solid base, and half of Americans agree with Fox’s thinking. White power is a symptom of America, and everywhere you look on television is Whiteness.

Bill O’Reilly would not have gotten fired, without relentless activism and progressive organizers around the country. Many in the media did their job by exposing the $13 million in settlements to the women who had been harassed. American companies asked Fox to do a better job by taking their advertising away from one television show, who had mistreated women.

Justice means something different to many Americans, but every American believes every citizen should be treated with respect and dignity. Common decency is needed in America, and it is essential that the Democrats and progressives challenge sexist and racist ideas and thinking from the conservative Republicans.