Nancy Pelosi




For those who watched President Trump’s State of the Union speech, you had to wonder why the Democrat’s all looked so mean, especially the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), who seem to always look mean these days.

It seems when the Democrats decided to resist everything Donald Trump did so they can get him out of office before his term is up, even if they have to find a reason to impeach him, they lost all reason to smile.

Nancy Pelosi looked like she was sucking on a lemon. And every other Democrat followed suit.

The CBC even had a press conference just prior to the State of the Union, maybe to let the country know that they intended to sit on their hands and scowl during the speech.

But if they were being intellectually honest they would have at least clapped during the part of the speech where Trump touted the decrease in African American unemployment. But they couldn’t, even if they wanted to. They looked so evil and mean.

The game plan from the very beginning of Trump’s presidency was to “RESIST” everything Trump did – even if he did something to help their community.

However, look at their communities. Every inner city is controlled by Democrats and is plagued with crime, drugs, high school dropouts, low education achievement, high teenage pregnancy resulting in high rates of welfare and high unemployment.

So what have they done for their communities lately? Absolutely nothing! But they ensure every Black voter will vote only for Democrats. They ask nothing for their vote and they get nothing.

When have you heard the Congressional Black Caucus brag about bringing businesses and employment opportunities to their communities? Donald Trump reached out to Black voters and asked them what they had to lose by voting Republican and the CBC turned a deaf ear.

But they came out complaining when Trump called Haiti a “S**t hole country.

They called him a racist for wanting to send Haitians here under TPS status back to Haiti when their time had expired.

But what the CBC didn’t tell their communities was that during the Clinton administration some of their members sent Haitians back after they came over in droves in rickety boats, many dying in the ocean before they hit land. Nobody said a word.

In fact, American born Blacks in South Florida didn’t like Haitians being here in the first place and wanted them sent back.

So any anger over Trump wanting to send them back is blatant hypocrisy.

I used to be a Democrat and was involved whenever the CBC had its “weekend.” I even went to Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ home when I was in L.A. for a conference. But began to look closely at her when she brought Ice Cube to a luncheon here in Miami where he chastised everybody to listen to him and other rappers or else.

Since then members of the CBC seem to have gotten more radical politically, but still did very little to enhance the well-being of their constituents. (Hear Maxine Waters is slipping in 41,000 Somali refugees and putting them in newly built apartments while her homeless are dying from living in the streets.)

These members get paid over $174,000/year, get a very generous health and pension plan with thousands more for an office and staff. So what do they do for all that money besides promote the Democratic Party? Inquiring minds want to know.

Even when Obama killed the Welfare to Work requirements which would have helped get their constituents off welfare and into gainful employment, they never said a word.

Now even though Trump has promoted policies allowing major corporations and manufacturers to open up lots of employment opportunities that benefit their communities, they still fight him.

The look on their faces when he spoke about the low unemployment rate in the Black community was as if he had said he was going to throw all of them out of the country. If looks could kill, he would have been assassinated that night.

Unreal! What could Trump say that would make them smile? Absolutely nothing! What happened to the Congressional Black Caucus? They seem to have forgotten who their constituents were and became nothing more than an extension of the Democratic Party.

Not the CBC I remember. Sad!