Just for the heck of it, grab a couple of different dictionaries and check out a word you hear a lot: VALUE. During such a probe of that word you may often find at least a third of a page of meanings. Usually way down about the seventh or eighth definition you’re finally away from money/market and other meanings and have hit pay dirt: “one’s principles or standards; one’s judgment of what is valuable or important in life.”

So that is what American values is all about. Our nation’s founding rhetoricians/politicians/oligarchs focused on meanings one through six and along with their concept called democracy, kept rank and file white America content with rhetoric. Through this very day white America has kept those “principles or standards.” And precisely because they have, contradictions therein have blurred even instinctual knowledge of truth.

For what really is justice for persons of European heritage? Even those with a fundamental understanding of at least the concept of justice, have no problem going along with injustice if it adversely affects non-Europeans. How could any just human being witness Rodney King being savagely beaten by a gang of white policemen and verbally or silently approve? What about perennial blatant murder of black men and boys by white policemen that white America calls justified shootings/killings?

Slavery and democracy cohabitating a philosophical and social mindset of white America has proven to mar any semblance of core righteousness meted out historically to non-Europeans worldwide. America’s dominant value is white supremacy; its dominant export is the notion called democracy, which is rhetoric. No such thing as democracy actually exists, anywhere, except as an ideal, an aspiration encoded in people’s minds.

America was predicated as a class society, yet its founders named it a republic – a slaveholding one at that. Then America attributed its African slaves as part property and part human beings. And all of this nation’s blurring has been consecrated by every form of Christianity. So what now America, with your values askew, does the nation reform, transform or plunge ahead, Nazi style, into the abyss?

Females – girls, women, and wives have organized, protested and sometimes fought violently for equal rights in this so-called democracy since its infancy. Women could not vote or have a husband prosecuted for beating them, for example, while black slave girls and women bore many plantation owners’ half white offspring through consistent raping; and slaves were constantly mated like animal stock. Values, what values?

Wherever on Earth that they can, women like to look and feel sexy, at work, night life, shopping and at church on Sunday mornings. When men get attracted to females they tend to zone in laser-like, probing for a signal, an opening of some kind. To the extent they can, men pursue verbally and physically and are not unnerved by varying levels of rejection. Men have to first get through is she playing hard to get or is she really not interested.

Consistent contact such as at work, church or a club could result in unwanted pursuit and a possible problem. For a very long time females were not taken seriously whenever they complained about sexual harassment from male workers or supervisors or men in other places.

However, now the pendulum has swung to favor women complaints and men are losing positions right and left throughout society. A serious problem accompanies this new thrust for justice. Again our nation is at that consistent, nagging inability to arrive at parity because of inbred blurring.

Remember how white women, whether they were spurned by black men through fear or whatever, or caught or suspected of being with black men, how they just yelled rape and said black men were lynched or otherwise “legally” murdered? Evidence be dammed, a pure white woman’s word is what mattered; end of story.

So now women, mostly white women, are simply declaring that men either said something derogatory, sexually harassed them, touched their breasts and/or butt, raped or tried to rape them. For Bill “Slick Willie” Clinton there was the blue dress as evidence. Case after case there is only a woman’s word that something happened. Watch out America, there’s that slippery slope again; inbred blurring – your values are askew!