alcalloway.jpgA moderate Colin Powell-type Republican Party would probably attract significant numbers of independents, non-Cuban Hispanics and African Americans. Such a happening is especially likely among those populations that equally dislike loud-mouth neo-conservatives like Rush Limbaugh and leftists like U. S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Unfortunately for black Americans in particular, Hillary and Bill Clinton as white nationalists of the liberal persuasion released the race genie during their unsuccessful presidential campaign.  That white nationalists on the right, including conservatives, neo-conservatives and Reagan Democrats, led by the failed McCain/Palin campaign against now President Barack H. Obama would pick up the Clinton mantle, was as certain as night follows day.

America is in dire need of a re-calibration, a balancing of the two party system, a centrist mainstream.  Future progress is more dependent on getting along than on trying to prove who’s right or wrong.  Our world demands cooperation; without such, we increasingly face oblivion.  This is the overriding global issue upon which America must lead.  The world’s people are waiting to follow.

But, guess what?  America is bogged down in quasi-ante bellum political pandering and greedy economic Ponzi schemes, the effects of which engender anxiety and a lack of confidence, at best.  At worst, hatred is being generated along with a demise of governance.

Led by neo-conservatives, white nationalists are buying more and bigger guns and organizing militias across the nation. These people spend weekends in military training, preparing to fight non-Anglo-Saxon Americans (most especially African Americans)!

Because speaking with a forked tongue is historically imbedded in white Americanism, Republican Party leaders fail to recognize the contradictory nature of espousing a desire to recruit blacks and non-Cuban Latinos, while spewing race-laced, hate-based diatribes and missives throughout the country centered on  Obama, who happens to be an African American. 

Furthermore, attacks on former Secretary of State Colin Powell from former Vice President Dick Cheney and various conservative media talking heads is viewed as a blatant, calculated disincentive for black people and others – including independents – to become Republicans.

Clearly, white nationalists want the Republican Party to be the political party for their America.  While they do not speak of it except in couched, coded language in mixed company, these Americans do not believe that non-white people, however great their personal and/or group achievements might be, should enjoy the same status and accoutrements because America belongs to white people.

Every non-Anglo-Saxon American knows that the playing field has never been level for them.  Even when so-called minorities charge “racism,” all white nationalists do is simply deny that they are racists; end of story.  Were Obama a white president assailed by black media pundits in the same way that Limbaugh, Beck and company have attacked him, those blacks would be pounced upon by white America and disgraced from the airways.

Moreover, some use of the Patriot Act would be found to charge black media pundits with un-American activities. Homeland Security would chime in, passports would be confiscated, families would be investigated and negative stories would be placed in the media.

Then, such poor, eviscerated souls would be demonized on both the floor of the U. S. House of Representatives and the Senate, and finally prosecuted for sedition or something else.  The trial would be moved to a white nationalist enclave where they would be found guilty by “a jury of their peers” and sent to prison.

I don’t know about you, but at Obama’s inauguration ceremony, when Cheney, still vice president for a few minutes more, was rolled in via wheel chair, I immediately thought that the neo-conservative leader was making an important statement to his flock by refusing to stand in honor of Obama.  It is important to note that the news media did not think it important to follow up on Cheney’s alleged injury.  But, believe it or not, raw white nationalism is definitely a menace to society.