For every one hundred black women between the ages of 25 to 54 “living outside of jail, there are only 83 black men,” according to an April 20, 2015 “New York Times Upshot analysis.” Black men are scarce primarily because they are in jail or prison or because they died early. “The gender gap is itself a further cause of social ills, leaving many communities without enough men to be fathers and husbands,” the study states.

Would you have guessed that Ferguson, Missouri, has just 60 black men for every 100 black women in the above cited age group? You remember Ferguson, where dead Michael Brown was kept on a hot street for several hours after being shot by a white policeman. Brown was unarmed. Missouri government brought in armored vehicles and national guards to show black residents an overwhelming military force arrayed against their righteous anger.

Sacramento, California police have recently added young and black Stephon Clark to a litany of “justified” shootings by white law enforcers. Clark was gunned down by 20 bullets, at night, in his backyard. He was unarmed. No stoppage of legal murder of black men and boys by white nationalist cops is in the offing. Current black leadership has no antidote for this national containment pogrom.

Further key information from the Upshot analysis tells us that “The gender gap does not exist in childhood: There are roughly as many African American boys as girls. But an imbalance begins to appear among teenagers, continues to widen through the 20s and peaks in the 30s. It persists through adulthood.” Can you see what I’m talking about when I cite the politics of containment is being played on black Americans by the “white supremacy system/culture?”

When an array of positive male role-models within a neighborhood is non-existent, our boys begin to go astray as they become teenagers. All that black kids in inner cities see are preachers and other hustlers. They even see one or two lawyers around hustling, while social workers and workers for non-profits all seem to be just barely making it. Everything else human that they see is totally negative.

Because ignorance is a breeding ground for selfishness, churches just about everywhere within black neighborhoods, the greatest potential educational and cultural source available, sit, mostly underutilized and their doors closed and gates locked. With community based programs, these facilities could be open from morning until night, and the pews would be full on Sundays. And these neighborhoods would witness comprehensively positive social change.

The future will be bleak for black people if we don’t become self-reliant. Discrimination by intensely white nationalist America will soon entirely engulf black people in an extermination process through mere omission. Soon there will be no jobs available at both an entry level and at the top for black males, especially. (Black and white women tend to earn about the same at all positions. However, black men at all levels are paid less than white males.)

Understandably, there is that intrinsic fear that once again we will be asked to sacrifice, while we think that our existence has been nothing short of giving, turning the other cheek, hoping, praying and all kinds of doing without or “making do.” But all that was then; this is now! While we’ve been through Hell and survived, what’s in front of us is The White Man’s post-Hitler AngloSaxon A-Priori. It means that we must fight for our survival through depending on black people.

There’s genetic reengineering – the DNA revolution, artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and coding, a world unlike anything most grandparents and parents ever envisioned, a future that’s being ushered in at a rapid pace. Calculus used to be a college course. High school computer geeks have mastered the math, and also coding, and are into all kinds of technology. Too many inner city kids are only watching rap videos and playing games on electronic devices.

If we don’t hurriedly find ways to reengineer how to expose and educate black youth to technologies of now and the future, black adults within ten short years or less will have unwittingly socially assassinated an entire generation of black youth!