Simone Hylton has been doing hair for 25 years and knows a thing or two about properly caring for natural hair. With more black women embracing their hair in its natural state every day, questions about how to maintain its health abound.

South Florida Times natural hair aficionados are in for a treat because beginning in January, Hylton, CEO of the popular and widely respected Natural Trendsetters salon, will begin authoring a monthly natural hair care column that provides advice, information and tips for keeping natural hair healthy as well as guidance on how to repair damaged tresses.

Hylton is passionate about what she does and is eager to offer accurate information, in part, to correct some of the mis-information provided in YouTube tutorials.

When asked to share five tips for women rocking natural hair, Hylton offered the following: 

1. When detangling hair, always comb from the ends to the root.

2. Any products that are high in moisture are better for natural hair.

3. Natural oils should always be a part of a natural hair regimen.

4. Protein treatments help to strengthen hair that is weak and breaking off.

5. Covering hair with a satin or silk covering while asleep helps retain moisture. Cotton coverings dry hair out.