SAY YES: Performing Arts teacher and filmmaker, Neri Street, has written an inspirational book to help readers change their life


In her new book, Nerissa Street implores readers to say ‘yes,’ to a variety of things that, cumulatively, can have a profound effect on their lives. In ‘31 Days of Yes,’ Street guides readers through a month of yeses in a way that challenges old beliefs and opens them up to exciting new possibilities for transforming who they are and how they show up.

The introduction gives a glimpse into this powerful book:

“You’d be surprised how your mind and heart contribute to life handing you “No.” But what’s amazing is that your spiritual life is no different than the cells in your body. One cell contains the DNA blueprint for your entire structure! Anger, conflict and pain; pointing out the benefit of exploring thoughts and emotions authentically.

In the chapter of Saying If you change the formative blueprint of one cell, the rest of the body responds to align itself to the new structure. If you transform one element of your life, the ramifications will be felt throughout everything else.”

In addition to saying ‘yes,’ to areas of life that can lead to deeper peace and greater joy, Street encourages readers to say yes to things like Yes to Pain, Street encourages readers to “accept the pain. You are resilient enough to experience it and thrive. If you need help and support, find it. When you truly say yes to it all, on the other side is a life connected to joy, community and fulfillment.”

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