(StatePoint) To create a memorable holiday experience this year, turn your gifts, celebrations and home décor into a festive feast for the five senses.

 Beautiful Sights

One sure sign that the holiday season has arrived at your home is when all the festive lights, décor and colors are on display. Trim your tree with DIY ornaments for a personal touch and add a wreath to your home’s entryway, so that visitors immediately feel welcomed before they even step inside.

Using scented candles in a variety of styles and sizes, you can create an intriguing and creative tablescape or mantlescape. Simply swap out smaller accessories to make the decorations last throughout the winter season. One easy option is to try an electric wax melt warmer, which can be used with a variety of different fragrances and warmer styles and has no wick or flame.

 Seasonal Sounds

Fill your home with joyful holiday sounds. Luckily, there are varieties of genres within the holiday music category. Whether you and your guests prefer contemporary pop, jazzy classics or choral hymns, there is something to please listeners of every sensibility.

 Wonderful Aromas

The scents of the season should evoke the feeling and spirit of the holiday from sweet and spicy notes to a cool brush of frosted fir. You can accomplish this with holiday cooking and baking as well as with scented candles.

For example, the Pure Radiance line from Yankee Candle offers special holiday scents such as Christmas candy, winter, cinnamon, holly and ice crystal. The fragrances and sleek design offer style and ambiance, as well as a smooth crackling flame for a welcoming, peaceful atmosphere.

You can also set the holiday mood traditionally with their new Festive Fragrances line. The tumbler jar design comes in a variety of sizes to suit any home decor.

To add to the warmth of the season, incorporate scented candles throughout your home and consider gifting them to friends and family to spread the cheer. More ideas for celebrat ing the season with scent can be found at www.YankeeCandle.com.

 Festive Flavors

Certain flavors are so closely associated with the season that it wouldn’t be the same without them. Cinnamon, mint, nutmeg and ginger can be used to flavor drinks and desserts. From eggnog to peppermint tea to gingerbread cookies and houses, don’t forget to give your taste buds a treat and spice it up!

 Feel the Warmth

Stay warm this holiday season. Cozy up with thick rugs, warm blankets, pillows and throws. A soft pair of slippers is a winter must have, and make a great holiday gift.

From tablescapes to the warmth of holiday aromas, it’s easy to delight all of the five senses this holiday season.