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It has been 14 years and a whole lot of thongs thrown on stage since R&B singer Sisqo’s last album. The flamboyant Dru Hill front man is back with Last Dragon, a consistent album that delivers some solid songs, though probably lacks the chart-topping zest to which he’s accustomed.

Sisqo never dropped off the musical map completely since his 1999 hit, Thong Song. He has had mix-tape songs and other solo works to stay busy. With Last Dragon, Sisqo’s soulful, soaring vocals remain intact, emerging on tracks like Let’s Get Down Tonight and Lovespell.

With a little auto-tune here and some nice slow jams there, Sisqo delivers a varied musical menu. Slow dance fans will appreciate LIPS while those looking to try out a few Sisqo-like dance moves will gravitate toward A-List, featuring rapper Waka Flocka Flame.

At this point in Sisqo’s career, some might have expected him to mail this one in. But there is a nice bit of R&B theme and precision to Last Dragon, proving Sisqo still has plenty of fire.