Football moms go through the rigors of boot camp.


DAVIE, FL – The Miami Dolphins, in conjunction with Heads Up Football, welcomed a record 300 parents at their fourth annual Mom’s Clinic at the Baptist Health Training Facility at Nova Southeastern University. This year, the clinic welcomed both mothers and fathers for education on football safety.

“We are here educating families. Having both decision makers is a work in progress to a better and safer game. One thing we are trying to do is inform these parents, who then can make sure that their kids are playing safe and tackling properly and training them more on what signs to see,”

Dolphins Manager of Youth Programs & USA Football Master Trainer Troy Drayton said. “This event has grown a lot, when you think about when we first started we had about 75-80 people and now we are 300 people strong. We are getting into the roots of change, and for us that is what we want to do. One of our pillars of Youth Programs is health and safety and aligning with USA Football and its initiatives is an important element for us.”

The interactive clinic presented parents with information about young athletes’ nutrition, heat and hydration, equipment fitting and interactive drills that demonstrated proper Heads Up Football tackling techniques.

The parents took part in multiple football drills. Parents were taught the correct and safe way to tackle and protect their bodies.

Susan Harrington, a mom of three boys, said, “What I experienced in this is definitely amazing and it is really informative. I took notes on the whole session.”

Guest speakers at this clinic included Miami Dolphins Athletic Trainer Shannon Osborne who shared information on nutrition and heat and hydration. Additionally, Miami Dolphins Equipment Manager Joe Cimino showed the proper way helmets and shoulder pads should fit to help reduce injuries. Miami Dolphins K Andrew Franks came out to support this event and modeled the appropriate fit for football equipment during Cimino’s presentation.

“I think it is really important understanding the aspects of how to make the sport itself safer,” Franks explained.

“Setting these standards early is really important for youth football in general.” “From a player’s standpoint, having your parents around supporting you – the parents have the most contact with their kids and how they play and how to influence those safety protocols.”

Following the presentations, participants took part in performing drills taught by USA Football Master Trainer Chris Merritt, Drayton, Youth Programs Ambassador & USA Football Master Trainer Twan Russell and Miami Dolphins alumni Donald Brown, Chris Conlin, Lorenzo Hampton and Ed Perry.