robert_biello_vandi_allen_web.jpgFORT LAUDERDALE — On Saturday, Feb. 18 at 2 p.m. at the African-American Research Library and Cultural Center, author and playwright Cynthia Diane Bell will speak on her books, Hooray for Cindy: I do not want to be a Bully, My Little Black Dress, and her biography, Get These Bones out of My Closet, which speaks of her trials as a single, divorced parent in financial struggles, dating as a Christian woman with the burden of having been raped as a young girl.

Vandi designed his poster in a Digital Media class. As he said, “As soon as I heard about the subject of the poster, I immediately thought of basketball and what I wanted my poster to look like.” 

His entry, SCORE, used Photoshop Elements, part of the Adobe Digital School Collection software suite that was introduced into the curriculum two years ago. 

Last year, Roosevelt students Ariel Trice and Joseph Jones submitted entries that were selected as semifinalists in the district’s Alcohol

Prevention Poster Contest.

Robert Biello, their technology teacher, said, “Nothing is more gratifying to a teacher than having students realize that the projects and assignments completed in the classroom are helping develop skills which students will actually employ outside school in the real world.”

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Pictured (L-R) Teacher Robert Biello and student Vandi Allen